2000 Mercedes-Benz E320 Pickup by Binz

2000 Mercedes-Benz E320 Pickup By Binz Left Front Quarter

Bespoke four-passenger pickup engineered and handcrafted from a brand new E320 wagon by renowned German coachbuilder Binz. Commissioned by an Atlanta-area Mercedes dealer at a conversion cost of nearly $50,000. Impeccable condition with just over 21,000 miles from new.​

This one-off 2000 E320 is one of the most extraordinary examples of the W210 we’ve ever seen. This car left the factory as a standard station wagon, but instead of heading to a showroom, it shipped directly to Karrosserie Binz in Germany for conversion into this incredible, one-of-a-kind four-door pickup at the behest of an Atlanta-area Mercedes-Benz dealer. Binz is one of a select few traditional German coachbuilders to survive into the modern era, and they have a long tradition with Mercedes-Benz, with a portfolio that includes estates, ambulances, hearses, with more recent work focusing on limousines and custom tuning. Binz tapped into its wild side for this one-off pickup creation, which the original owner used as a promotional vehicle for his dealership. Rather than simply lopping off the back of a wagon, Binz craftsmen went all-out, stretching the car by 29 inches and fabricating the pickup bed aft of the rear seats. The quality is superb, with a virtually seamless conversion that could be mistaken as the factory’s own work. Features of the transformation include the custom bed with tailgate, tubular stainless steel bed rails, and custom LED lighting in the cargo box. Binz utilized the original wagon rear window, which opens for access to the passenger compartment. The attention to detail is extraordinary, with seamless, factory-quality finishing on the body, interior, and undercarriage. That sort of quality came at a cost – $49,760 to be exact – above and beyond the price of the brand new E320 wagon donor car.​

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