1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 NART Spyder

1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 NART Spyder

A rare and exclusive coachbuilt Ferrari with striking design by Michelotti. Commissioned by Luigi Chinetti as a gift for his wife Marion and now presented in unrestored, highly original condition​.

Our featured car, S/N 14299, is the first of three road-going NART Daytona Spyders; a very special car that was personally commissioned by Luigi as a gift for his wife Marion. The story of 14299 begins in 1971 when it was delivered as a standard road-going 365 GTB/4 Daytona to Dr. Silva via Chinetti’s Greenwich, CT showroom. The car was used sparingly and, in 1975 it returned to Chinetti motors, presumably on a trade. Rather than turn around and re-sell the car, Luigi Sr. kept it and, along with two other Daytonas, shipped it to the workshops of Giovanni Michelotti to be rebodied with the uniquely angular and sharp style inspired by the NART Le Mans car.

The three NART Daytonas were crafted using the same wooden buck, though each was unique in trim and details. The body, constructed of aluminum and fiberglass, was quite fresh and modern for the time, with faired-in bumpers, sculpted sills, subtly cut down doors and a distinct wedge profile that was de rigueur for the 1970s. It is a unique and striking shape; balanced and aggressive yet unmistakably Ferrari, despite the fact that very few original fittings remain. Mechanically, the NART Spyder used the original Daytona engine, gearbox and chassis, with the lightweight body enhancing performance.

Fresh in its new coachwork, S/N 14299 was presented to Marion Chinetti in 1977 finished in an attractive combination of dark blue with lighter blue sills and bumpers, accented by a rich arancia leather cabin, a livery which it retains today. She would use the Ferrari for only a brief period of time, amassing fewer than 1500 miles while in her tenure. In 1980, the still fresh design was shown on the Michelotti stand at the Torino Motor Show, and immediately afterward was loaned to the Musée des 24 Heures du Mans where it remained on exhibit through 1982, the same year of Mrs. Chinetti’s passing. In 1985, it was acquired by a Los Angeles classic car dealer Marty Yacobian who kept the car in his personal collection before it was acquired by another well-known dealer and collector, Marv Tonkin of Portland, OR. In 1991, Mrs. Chinetti’s Michelotti Daytona joined the renowned Jon Shirley Collection in Washington, where it remained a proud fixture among multiple important Ferraris for the next twenty-two years. In 2009, the Daytona earned its Ferrari Classiche “White Book” authentication for Ferraris of historical importance. Mr. Shirley sold 14299 in 2013, and it has remained with just one other collector since…………………………………………..

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