1970 Ruger Sports Tourer

1970 Ruger  Sports Tourer Left Front Quarter with Top Down

One of two prototypes built by the Rugers in the spirit of the grand European sports tourers of the 1930s. The only example available outside the Ruger family, preserved in beautiful unrestored condition. Suitable for concours preservation classes, and a thrilling proposition for driving events.​

As a testament to the inherent quality of the Ruger Sports Tourer, both prototypes survive in unrestored condition, and this is the only one available outside of the Ruger family. From the time it was built, this car was owned and cherished by William B. Ruger Jr. until his passing in 2018. In that time, Bill Jr. put more than 14,000 miles on the Sports Tourer, many of which came from touring around the family homes in New Hampshire and Bar Harbor, Maine. In all those years, the car remains beautifully preserved in totally original condition. The yellow and green paint scheme betrays the Ruger’s 1970s roots, but the colors suit the character of the car quite nicely. The paint has survived remarkably well, with an appropriately light and even patina to the finish. The body is in excellent condition with evocative detailing such as the outside handbrake, large chrome radiator shell with mesh stone guard, and a classic, Vanden Plas-style three-door arrangement. Speaking of the doors, they are built in of cast aluminum, and they open and close with impressive precision, reflective of the integrity of the design and the spirit the Rugers wanted to impart in their car.​

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