1960 Porsche Junior Tractor

1960 Porsche Junior Tractor

Porsche’s legendary workhorse, fully restored and ready to cruise the paddock at Rennsport.

This 1960 Porsche Diesel Junior is an excellent example of the 109 model (serial number 109-14911); which was the slightly larger of the two Junior models produced. It is powered by a 53 cubic inch single-cylinder, air-cooled engine of 15 horsepower. It is a lovely and well-restored example correctly finished in traditional Porsche-Diesel red with cream wheels, the signature livery of the entire Porsche tractor line. The paint quality is excellent on both the body and chassis, and the sheet metal on the fenders and distinct rounded nose is straight and in excellent condition. All original controls and levers remain intact and appear to be in good order. It rides on a set of correct cream-colored wheels that show high-quality finishing and are shod with excellent rubber.

The Junior is first and foremost a tool for work in conditions that required the utmost in dependability, so creature comforts and trim are essentially non-existent. But despite its rugged simplicity, it is still a great looking machine, with pleasing, simple style and plenty of character. The collectability of all things Porsche has drawn renewed attention to these wonderful little tractors, and it now seems that most serious Porsche collections have to include at least one of these air-cooled diesel workhorses. Equally, enthusiasts of classic tractors appreciate the Porsche Junior for its functionality as much as for its classic style. This is a lovely example of the breed, beautifully presented in correct colors and ready for action in the on the show field or farm field…………..

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