1954 Kaiser Darrin

1954 Kaiser Darrin

Fitted with the extremely rare factory hardtop and supercharged engine, this impeccably restored Darrin is one of the finest we’ve encountered.​

Our featured Kaiser-Darrin, chassis number 161-1389, is an exquisitely presented example that features a number of rare options. There are some experts that believe this car to be one of the few cars sold through Dutch Darrin’s own showroom, though conclusive evidence is lacking thanks to limited records. Finished in original Yellow Satin with a white interior, this outstanding Darrin has been treated to a full restoration to concours standards in 2014 by Dan Green Restorations of Salt Lake City, Utah and presents in stunning condition today. It features an extremely rare optional removable hard top, as well as a centrifugal supercharger on the “Hurricane” F-head inline six, both of which were accessories that Darrin offered through his Los Angles dealership. The quality of the restoration is first rate and the car presents in striking order with impeccable paint, chrome and detailing, looking fabulous with the hard top in place and fitted with cool period-correct accessory wheel covers. While undergoing restoration, numerous original date markings and stamps confirm this is a highly original, late-production body.

The calling card of the Kaiser-Darrin is of course those unique forward-sliding pocket doors, which function properly on this car, revealing a beautifully restored interior. Part of the design brief by Darrin was that the interior would remain simple and elegant, not to overpower the purity of the body design. This car’s off-white upholstery complements the soft yellow paintwork, while new black carpets provide some contrast. The instrument panel is finished in body color fiberglass, with an upholstered pad covering the rest of the dash as original. Instruments, switches and controls have all been restored to a high standard, and the interior still appears very fresh in the time since the restoration was completed. Beneath the very rare matching hard top is a folding soft top in white vinyl, as original………………………………………..

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1954 Kaiser Darrin For Sale By Hyman LTD 1954 Kaiser Darrin For Sale By Hyman LTD 1954 Kaiser Darrin For Sale By Hyman LTD

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