1935 Pierce Arrow Model 1245 Silver Arrow

1935 Pierce Arrow Model 1245 Silver Arrow Coupe

One of two known out of four examples produced in 1935. 175 horsepower, 462 cubic-inch V12. Stylish coachwork inspired by the legendary Silver Arrow show cars. A rare and fascinating motorcar from the twilight of Pierce-Arrow production.

This Pierce-Arrow 1245 Silver Arrow is one of only 875 cars produced in total by the company in 1935. It is one of only two known surviving twelve-cylinder Silver Arrow coupes out of an estimated four units originally built. This exceptional motorcar features an award-winning restoration, commissioned in the 1990s by Los Angeles based collector Harris Laskey. Finished in a striking yet understated two-tone maroon color scheme, this rare and breathtaking Silver Arrow remains in excellent condition, coming most recently from an extensive collection of significant automobiles. Finish quality on the factory coachwork is expectedly high, and the detailing is superb. The color scheme cleverly plays with the shapes and lines of the body, subtly highlighting the fastback shape. Accessories are kept to a minimum, with dual side-mount spare wheels, an Archer mascot, and twin chrome trumpet horns topped with driving lamps. The tall, canted-back radiator and unique fender-mounted headlights are distinct Pierce-Arrow characteristics. The Silver Arrow is a grand and imposing car, riding on a 144-inch wheelbase and standing over six feet tall at the roof. However, the styling does a marvelous job of masking the scale and even giving the car a sporting spirit. Beige steel artillery wheels with wide whitewall tires provide a well-judged contrast.

Inside, light brown broadcloth covers the large, softly sprung front seats, door panels, and the generous rear seats. Darker brown carpets and gorgeous woodwork provide a pleasing contrast to the seat upholstery. The quality and presentation are excellent and in keeping with the high standard set by the exterior. While it is a two-door coupe, the tall roofline and long wheelbase make for generous accommodations inside. The luxurious appointment includes opening rear windows, individual front seats, and a factory-equipped radio.

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