1927 Ahrens-Fox NS4 Firetruck

1927 Ahrens Fox N-S-4 Firetruck

A spectacular example of “The Rolls-Royce of Fire Engines” formerly of the Piqua, Ohio Fire Department. A well-documented and stunningly detailed example of this iconic fire-fighting machine.

This 1927 Ahrens-Fox N-S-4 Triple Combination Pumper is an outstanding example of this iconic firefighting rig. It is beautifully presented in restored condition and includes a fascinating, well-documented history. The name “triple combination” means the truck incorporates three distinct components – the pump, tank, and hose body – which allows for efficient response with a single vehicle. This truck, registration number 3312, was originally delivered in 1927 to the Piqua, Ohio Fire Department and was one of three Ahrens apparatus owned by the city. Extensive files document the history of this particular rig from its construction through its time in service in Piqua. Copies of original correspondence between Piqua Fire Chief Joe Caulfield and the Ahrens-Fox works date back to July of 1927 with a proposal submitted to Caulfield by John Ahrens to build the new N-S-4 pumper. Subsequent documents include hand-written as well as typed build sheets, and numerous pieces of original correspondence related to service and maintenance of 3312 through 1959. Also included are several copies of the Ahrens-Fox bulletin, parts lists, and factory memorandums as well as original instruction handbooks detailing the operation of all aspects of this machine.

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