1916 American LaFrance Speedster

1916 American LaFrance Speedster For Sale at Hyman LTD

Astonishing performance from a mighty fourteen-liter engine and lightened chassis. Crafted in England with coachwork by respected expert Graham Neale. An impressive and exciting Edwardian-era speedster.

This 1916 American LaFrance Speedster is based on the popular Type 75 chassis. It is a superb example of the breed; powerful, thrilling, and wonderfully suited for road events. According to the history file, Mr. Cameron Millar discovered this Type 75 in Nyack, New York, around 1980. He purchased it from the then-owners and imported it to the UK. That same year, it traded hands, and the new owners began a comprehensive restoration and transformation into this marvelous speedster. The chassis was stripped down and a full twelve inches removed from the wheelbase, reportedly without welding. The restorers retained the robust original drivetrain, 3-speed manual gearbox, chain-driven rear axle, and brakes from the Type 75, adding appropriately beefy hubs from an 8-Litre Bentley.  They also lowered the steering column and relocated the controls accordingly to achieve the desired rakish lines. With the chassis sorted, the owners entrusted Rolls-Royce specialist Graham Neale to create this superbly detailed and evocative boat-tail speedster coachwork.​

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1916 American LaFrance Speedster For Sale | Hyman LTD 1916 American LaFrance Speedster For Sale | Hyman LTD 1916 American LaFrance Speedster For Sale | Hyman LTD

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