1927 Bugatti T35B By Pur Sang

Le Pur Sang des Automobile. This phrase, coined by Le Patron himself and roughly translated as “the pure-bred automobile,” was at the core of every motorcar to roll forth from Ettore Bugatti’s Molsheim factory gates. For today’s automotive connoisseurs – at least for those not in the market for a 250mph hypercar – that spirit lives on via Pur Sang Automobiles, a passion project of Argentine enthusiast and master restorer Jorge Anadon. Anadon created the company out of a burning desire to own one of Ettore Bugatti’s magnificent Type 35s. While restoring one of these cars for a client, the need for parts necessitated Anadon to make new castings, and that task swelled to the point where he produced every single component of the Type 35 and assembled a complete car in his living room! More than simply a detailed replica, Anadon replicated the process in which the Type 35 was built, masterfully capturing the very essence of the original. Today, his skilled craftspeople not only make beautiful cars, but they preserve history through their craft and techniques. Pur Sang cars are built almost exactly as they were in the 1920s, from the sand-cast engine components to the stitching of the leather cockpits, with discreet consideration of modern technology and metallurgy.

From Anadon’s personal Type 35 recreation, word traveled, and soon Pur Sang received commissions for customer Type 35s, some of which went to owners of original cars. Other models, such as the Type 43, followed, and recently, Pur Sang Automobiles expanded to include icons from other marques, such as the Alfa Romeo 8C.

This gorgeous Type 35B by Pur Sang represents the purest expression of Jorge Anadon’s passion. Finished in all black with beautiful raw cast alloy wheels and components, it encapsulates all we love about the sights, smells, and sounds of classic motoring concentrated into this compact, supercharged, 8-cylinder machine.

Cosmetically, the car has a fantastic mild patina that further emphasizes its already authentic presentation. Every detail of the car looks and feels authentic from the cable operated brakes to the finishes on the leaf springs and wheels. Safety wiring is employed throughout and the proportion, look, and feel of the mechanical and cosmetic aspects is absolutely spot-on. The paint is in very good shape but does show some light wear. The brightwork and metal trim are very nice as well and the overall presentation is consistent with that of a car restored (or in this case built) some years ago, used regularly, and never neglected, with a pleasant honesty that is all the more impressive given that this is a Pur Sang creation.

Getting up close and personal with this Type 35B Pur Sang reveals the skill and passion of its creators. The all-alloy coachwork is hand-formed, superbly finished to a high standard, and includes mudguards for road use. The cockpit features supple black leather, which is sure to wear in like a favorite pair of gloves as you pile on the miles. Evocative period details include Marchal headlamps, a Boyce Motometer, and leather straps tying down the bonnet and side-mounted spare wheel. Ettore Bugatti’s distinctive 8-spoke alloy wheels are faithfully reproduced in cast aluminum and incorporate the brake drums as original – a clever solution to address brake wear during grueling endurance races. The wheels are wrapped with period block-tread tires to ensure an authentic look and handling characteristics. In the snug two-place cockpit, the driver is met with just the bare necessities for piloting a Grand Prix-bred machine – just a tach, oil and fuel pressure gauges, and a clock.

Gripping the wood four-spoke wheel and firing up the snarling 2.3-liter inline-eight evokes images of French motor racing heroes like Louis Chiron and Helle Nice sliding their Type 35s by the scruff around the dusty circuits of Europe. With overhead cams and a centrifugal supercharger, these featherweight cars made upward of 130 horsepower in their time, and with the improved internals and materials used by Pur Sang Argentina, the output is undoubtedly higher. That power is sent rearward via a 4-speed manual gearbox with a reverse H-pattern change.

This Bugatti was commissioned by its original and only owner and completed in October 2015. The Pur Sang construction specifications sheet accompanying the car indicate the following features included with the build:


  • Improved firing order
  • Plane bearing crank upgrade
  • Electric radiator fan on thermostat
  • Alternator & battery under driver’s seat
  • Modern BMW oil filter inside original filter housing
  • Electric starter
  • Ki gas pump on dash
  • Electric fuel pump behind seat
  • Hand fuel pump on dash
  • Hand oil pump on co-pilot side
  • Exhaust pipes with mufflers

Road Accessories

  • Marchal head lamps
  • Scintilla taillights (with brake light built in)
  • Brooklands style windscreen for driver only
  • Stock rear-view mirror mounted on top of scuttle

Finish Detail

  • Gloss black exterior paint
  • Leather gearbox guards
  • Shroud over starter motor

After completion, this Type 35B was imported to California where the CARB (California Bureau of Automotive Repair) confirmed the car as SPCNS (Special Construction) on September 13, 2022 (label affixed to the firewall), followed by subsequent California registration and title.

Beautifully crafted and maintained in superb condition by a devoted collector who has enjoyed the car as its meant to be, this Pur Sang is titled and prime for enjoyment in various vintage motoring events and is sure to leave a Cheshire Cat grin on your face with every prod of the throttle.


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