1965 Superformance GT40

Superformance has long been established as the premier builder of turn-key Shelby recreations. Headquartered in California, the company has produced highly authentic and evocative Cobras, Daytona Coupes, and GT40s in its South African factory for years, and is a leader in the industry. Many of their cars have the blessing of Shelby American, and Superformance was tapped to supply fiberglass bodies for several official Shelby Continuation series cars.

The Superformance GT40 is a superb re-creation of the original Ford that beat Ferrari to claim the top three positions at the grueling Le Mans 24 Hours in 1966. It was one of Superformance's most ambitious projects ever: a GT40 that is incredibly detailed, realistic, and faithful to the original design, yet selectively improved to ensure it is flexible, reliable, and comfortable for regular use on the road. While developing the exhilarating GT40 continuation, engineers went to great lengths to ensure authenticity and the resulting car is so authentic that Superformance can legally use the name “GT40,” apply the GT40/P chassis number prefix as original and be eligible for the official World Registry of Cobras and GT40s.

This is not simply a tube-frame chassis shrink wrapped in a plastic body; the Superformance GT40 MkI is a thoroughly engineered road car, based on a super rigid steel monocoque chassis covered in a lightweight fiberglass composite body. Nearly everything is just like the original, but of course, improvements were made in some areas in the interests of durability, weight savings and safety. However, Superformance claims that 90% of the parts are interchangeable with the original GT40 – a remarkable feat.

This beautiful example was built in 2007 and is striking in its Titanium Silver paint over a stylish black interior. It has been in the care of just one owner since new and is superbly presented with excellent paintwork and finishing. Features of this particular car include a twin-nostril nose panel, medium-width bodywork, Alcantara upholstery, air conditioning, authentic Smiths instrumentation, and BRM-style alloys wrapped in sticky DOT-legal Avon CR6-ZZ rubber. It is noted that the tires fitted are the originals, and replacement should be considered before extended use. Notable differences from the original GT40 include the welcome addition of modern and powerful Wilwood brakes (much better than the old Girling brakes), and factory Left-Hand Drive configuration with a conventional centrally-mounted gear lever.

Individual buyers can choose how potent they want their Superformance, and this car is cranked up to Eleven courtesy of a Roush-built 353IR-040 V8. As the name implies, the engine is a 353 cubic-inch stroker small-block (based on a Ford 302W) with Roush 8-stack fuel injection developing an awesome 450 horsepower and shifted through a robust ZF/RBT 5-speed transaxle. In a car that weighs only 2400 pounds, the acceleration and performance are breathtaking. This would make a most rewarding track day beast as it could easily blow the doors off many modern supercars, yet does without electronic nannies for a pure, unfiltered driving experience. The fact that it is fully street legal and remarkably tractable adds to the desirability of this truly amazing automobile.

If you want to turn heads, this spectacular GT40 MKII will do it better than just about anything else. With only 5,800 miles on the odometer, it is certain to bring a Cheshire Cat-rivaling grin to your face from the moment you hit the starter button. Exceptionally well-built and superbly detailed, this outstanding Superformance GT40 is an evocative machine that lets you live out your Ford vs. Ferrari fantasies.


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