1932 Alfa Romeo 8c Monza By Pur Sang

Le Pur Sang des Automobile roughly translates as “The Pure Bred Automobile”. It is a phrase that was coined by Le Patron himself, Ettore Bugatti, to describe his own legendary machinery. But to today’s automotive connoisseurs, “Le Pur Sang” may also refer to a small Argentine company that happens to build stunningly exact recreations of the greatest pre-war classics in history. Pur Sang was founded by Argentine enthusiast and master restorer Jorge Anadon, born of a burning desire to own one of Ettore Bugatti’s great Type 35s for himself. In the process of restoring one of these great cars for a client, Anadon began to copy and reproduce every single component, eventually building a complete car for himself in his living room! More than simply a well detailed replica, Anadon replicated the process in which the Type 35 was built, masterfully capturing the very essence of the original. Today, his skilled craftsmen not only build beautiful cars, but they preserve history through their craft. Cars are being built exactly as they were in the 1920s, from the sand cast engine components, to the stitching of the leather cockpits. Pur Sang beautifully integrates the process as a key element of their product, with careful, consideration to discreet integration of modern technology.

From the single Type 35 recreation that Jorge Anadon built for himself, Pur Sang expanded to include customer Type 35s and other models such as the Type 43. The product offerings now include one-off specials and this – the legendary Alfa Romeo 8C 2300.

The Alfa Romeo 8C was a supercar of its day. The Vittorio Jano-designed 8-cylinder engine was a masterpiece of engineering with its twin overhead camshafts and gear driven supercharger. The 8C dominated both single seat and sports car competition, and evolved into some of the finest road going machines of the time, becoming the very first winner of the Grand Prix World Championship.

Like any other Pur Sang this magnificent 8C is so much more than a just replica (a word with understandably negative connotations), it is a true recreation, or perhaps a continuation of traditions that were once thought lost. This finely crafted piece of kinetic art is accurate down to the smallest pieces of hardware. Even the tooling marks remain on the inside of the bodywork and the engine block is cast using the same methods as were used in Milano over 80 years ago. In the interest of usability, contemporary considerations are given to metallurgy, the use of plain bearings for the internals, and more efficient seals and gaskets. The gorgeous 2.3 liter supercharged straight-eight is a marvel of engineering, even by modern standards. Recreated to the highest of standards, this is a strong running and utterly addicting machine with a uniquely guttural soundtrack.

Of course, the beauty of the Pur Sang Alfa Romeo 8C is that it can be used as the original designers intended. Since the original Alfa 8C has become perhaps too valuable to be used hard on the road, the Pur Sang comes into its own, and this particular example has been absolutely sorted while in the hands of a previous owner, who spared no expense going through the car from stem to stern to ensure it is reliable and enjoyable on even the longest runs. A historic rallying enthusiast, the prior owner employed a full time staff of mechanics to prepare and maintain the car. It was used in various tours and rallies around the country and has even competed in the mountains of Colorado and in Santa Fe, New Mexico with no DNF’s. The sorting work included the replacement of the radiator, installation of a rev-limiter to protect the engine, an electric cooling fan, and many, many other items. The firewall was even moved forward by 1 ¼ inches to allow just a bit more comfort for taller drivers.

Wearing evocative Targa Florio style 2-seat bodywork, it is finished in gorgeous black paint with deep saddle brown leather in the minimalist cockpit. The basic bodywork includes period correct lamps, a side mount spare wheel, high-mounted Grand-Prix-style exhaust and a single Brooklands windscreen for the driver. It is a bare-bones machine, the essence of a pre-war competition car.

Few cars of this nature have been as thoroughly and meticulously sorted as this example. It is absolutely on the button and ready to be enjoyed on your favorite back roads or whilst competing in a classic rally. It is important to note that unlike most Pur Sang cars, this example is titled and registered in the United States, making it a hassle-free to either enjoy stateside or to export overseas. For a mere fraction of the investment of an original, this Pur Sang Alfa Romeo 8C2300 is a driver’s dream, ready to help you live out your Nuvolari Fantasies, once and for all.


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