1967 Lamborghini Miura P400 Coupe

When Ferruccio Lamborghini entered the sports car business in the early 1960s, he boldly set his sights on the biggest target of all: Ferrari. Of course, the Bologna-born Sig. Ing. Lamborghini was no stranger to Ferrari, having owned various 250-series cars in the 50s and early 60s, and Ferruccio’s dissatisfaction with his Ferrari inspired him to build the better GT. The story of Ferrari and Lamborghini’s clash is the stuff of folklore, and while nobody will ever know precisely what transpired between these two fiery Italian businessmen – we’re glad it did because it resulted in the creation of one of Italy’s most extraordinary car companies.

The first production Lamborghini was the beautiful front-engine 350 GT, powered by a 3,464-cc four-cam V12 designed by Giotto Bizzarrini (creator of the world championship-winning Ferrari 250 GTO) and clothed in gorgeous coachwork by Carrozzeria Touring. The 400 GT and Islero that followed were also exceptional cars with power and poise to match Ferrari’s best. But a team of seven young engineers within the firm wanted to push the envelope of sports car design much further. So the group, led by Gian Paolo Dallara, Paolo Stanzani, and Bob Wallace, began developing a mid-engine racing/road car intended to boost Lamborghini’s stature on the world stage. Knowing Ferruccio’s firm stance against racing, the team took a “better to ask forgiveness than permission” approach, working day and night in their off-hours to design the car in secret, reckoning that the boss might change his tune if they presented a complete car in support of their argument.

Taking a cue from Alec Issigonis’ Austin Mini, Dallara, Stanzani, and Wallace situated the 4-liter V12 transversely in the rear, incorporating the sump and gearbox in one unit to keep the weight between the axles. The chassis was a lightweight pressed/welded steel unit with independent suspension and disc brakes at all four corners. It was an extraordinary feat of engineering and clever packaging, and when it was shown at the 1965 Turin Motor Show as a bare chassis, it caused a sensation. Ferruccio was sold on the idea of turning it into a production car yet held firm on his policy of no motorsport. The only thing lacking now was a body, so Lamborghini turned to Bertone, who placed the brilliant Marcello Gandini in charge of the design. What emerged from his pen is a masterpiece of modern design. Aggressive, yet sexy, purposeful yet outlandish – and from the moment of its first appearance, the Lamborghini Miura set a high bar for generations of exotic supercars to follow.

The 1967 Miura P400 offered here is S/N 3087, beautifully presented in its original colors of Rosso Miura over Pelle Senepe and silver rocker panels. According to the accompanying Lamborghini Polo Storico certificate of origin, the works completed this Miura P400 in July of 1967 for delivery to the Swiss market… and we like to imagine it being delivered via the Stelvio Pass!

Four hundred seventy-four P400 Miuras left the works between 1966 and 1970, and many enthusiasts consider it the purest expression of the model. Records show 3087 was first owned by Garage Foitek in Zurich, a famed sportscar dealer owned by former Swiss racing driver Karl Foitek. By 1976, the car was in the United States with Mr. J. Andrews of Reston, Virginia. In 1989 it was sold by Motorcars International of Dallas, TX to Sig. Prevosti of Italy who retained the car in his collection until 2007.

During Prevosti’s ownership, the body was fully restored and refinished in its original shade of Miura red with silver wheels and sills. Likewise, the interior was restored to its factory specifications of senape (mustard) leather seats and door cards with a brown dash, console, and steering wheel. It is a striking combination that’s rarely seen today. After its restoration, 3087 was sold to a German collector who maintained it in fabulous condition. He commissioned specialist Peter Rosenmeier to perform a complete engine and gearbox rebuild totaling more than €100,000. In the hands of the most recent owner, Miura 3087 has enjoyed continuous expert care and is offered today in superb condition with gorgeous paint, upholstery, and exquisite detailing throughout. Great care has been taken to keep the car period correct, though a professionally installed onboard fire suppression system was added in the interest of safety. It rides on the magnificent, Campagnolo-supplied sand cast magnesium wheels fitted with Michelin XWX tires (with a period-correct spare wheel) and features details like proper exhaust tips, Vitaloni mirrors, and of course, those glamorous “eyelashes” around the headlamps.

In 2016, 3087 was invited to be part of the Miura’s 50th Anniversary celebration at the Quail Motorsports Gathering. While on the show field, it was inspected by representatives from Lamborghini Polo Storico and issued a certificate of authenticity confirming its original body color, and interior colors. The sale includes the certificate, along with previous German registrations and a factory parts manual. It is a superb, turn-key example suitable for concours while also being beautifully dialed-in for driving, which the most recent owner has done regularly and with much enjoyment.

Few automotive experiences compare to the visceral sensation of piloting Lamborghini’s revolutionary mid-engine supercar. The astonishing looks, snarling V12 engine, and ground-breaking design cast the mold not only for every future Lamborghini but for nearly every supercar that followed in its tire marks.


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