1912 American Underslung Scout Roadster

The American Automobile Company of Indianapolis, Indiana produced a variety of cars in its brief eight year run, but none made a bigger impact than the revolutionary Underslung models. With axles set over the chassis and fitted with wildly oversized wheels, the American Underslung was a dramatic sporting car that looked like nothing else on the road in its day. This exquisite Type 22 Scout Roadster is well-known among marque experts and is believed to be the sole surviving example from 1912. Restored to world-class concours quality standards in 2008 it has appeared on the lawns the Pebble Beach and Amelia Island concours, among other prestigious events. Finished in white with a crimson chassis and jewel-like brass accessories, it is superb in every respect with a breathtaking presence. Favored by the likes of Larz Anderson and Briggs Cunningham, the American Underslung is a pioneering sporting car that was ahead of its time, and is now a highly sought-after collector piece that would be at home in virtually any prominent collection. This vehicle just arrived, and a full description is coming soon. Please contact Hyman Ltd for more details.


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