1913 Hudson 4-37 Torpedo Tourer

Hudson was only in its third year as a manufacturer when the Model 37 debuted in 1913. Despite its relative infancy, it had already established itself as a leader in the mid-priced market, delivering outstanding quality and value to its customers in equally generous portions. The new 1913 range upped the game in terms of style and performance with two new models – the four-cylinder Model 37 and the six-cylinder Model 54. The Model 37 featured a powerful, 280 cubic-inch inline-four supplied by Continental and situated in a new, longer-wheelbase chassis. The big news for the more style-conscious buyer was the arrival of the “Torpedo” style body, which had lowered steering column, raised cowl, and shortened windscreen, for a dynamic and sporty appearance.

This 1913 Hudson 4-37 is a marvelous example of the stylish Torpedo Tourer. It is a beautifully restored car that has been discreetly updated for effortless, dependable operation while touring. The lowered steering column, raised, extended cowl, and folding windscreen identify this as the rare and desirable Torpedo. Its gray and black livery lends it a particularly sporty character, especially with the oxblood red wheels, black wall tires, and understated red coach lines. Typical for the era, brightwork is limited to a few flashes of nickel on the headlight rims, cowl lamps, and windscreen frame, all of which are in excellent order. The paint is finished to a very high standard, and the car is exceptionally well-detailed all around.

The cabin features black button-tufted leather on the seats and interior panels, with authentic detailing like the cast pyramid aluminum floorboards, Stewart speedometer, and bulb horn. The leather displays a light, consistent patina with a cohesive and appealing character. A full, folding canvas top and a matching black canvas boot are fitted and are in excellent order.

Continental supplied Hudson with the 280 cubic-inch inline-four. The iron-block unit offers loads of torque and plenty of horsepower to propel the big Torpedo along with relative ease. This car’s previous owner was an active Horseless Carriage Club of America member and went to great lengths to prepare it for challenging tours. Foremost among the enhancements is the steel ring gear with a modern electric starter. Other significant updates include an alternator charging system, distributor ignition, electric fuel pump, and a Carter BB-1 updraft carburetor. Even with the modifications in place, the engine bay remains tidy and well detailed and retains most of its authentic, period-correct appearance.

Early Hudsons are a rare sight in any configuration, especially when they are so beautifully restored and thoughtfully updated as this example. Beautifully finished and worthy of a show field, yet enhanced for exciting, enjoyable driving, this Model 37 is an outstanding choice for the veteran horseless carriage enthusiast or novice alike.


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