1921 Ner-A-Car Motorcyle

The Ner-A-Car is a fascinating and revolutionary step-through motorcycle invented by American Carl A. Neracher in 1919. It was a highly capable machine, as demonstrated by Cannonball Baker who rode one from New York to Los Angeles in just 8 days! Neracher had significant financial backing from the razor magnate King C. Gillette, but it never quite caught on in the US market. This Ner-A-Car hails from approximately 1921, and looks to have been painted at some point, and while it is currently missing the saddle, it does have many original fittings. This is a delightful piece of motorcycling history suited for display or restoration.

This motorcycle has received a cursory mechanical check, and while the engine is free, it has not been started during its time in the Kleptz collection, and is offered as-is, requiring additional sorting. Please note it is sold on a bill of sale only.


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