1937 MG TA Convertible

Lightweight, sporty, and exciting are three words that perfectly describe a MG. The MG that truly made its marque and gained international attention because of its joyous nature was the T-series Midget. The T-series line of MG’s began in 1936 as successor to the PB Midget, the TA Midget was an altogether larger and roomier car. Longer in the wheelbase at 94”, the simple chassis followed established Midget practice with semi-elliptic springing all round, though the use of hydraulic dampers at the front and the adoption of Lockheed hydraulic brakes were new departures. The TA, along with the TB, had gained a fair share of popularity by the time World War II had commenced, and during the war, made a great impression on U.S. troops stationed in Great Britain. When the war ended, MG came out with their next T-series car, the TC, in which many of the cars went overseas to the U.S. The TC was a major success and earned a great reputation on the racetrack, as many people began their racing careers in one, including Carroll Shelby.

When the run of T-series MG’s came to a close in 1955, MG had produced an impressive 53,000 cars. Out of the 53,000 total T-series cars, only 3,003 of them were TA’s. Besides the TA’s rarity, the TA was the springboard for its predecessors, which became legends in the automotive world. Unlike all of the other T’s, the TA was powered by a 1,292cc, 4 cylinder motor pushing out 50 horsepower that accelerated the car to a top speed of 80 miles per hour. Add in the factor that the car only weighed 1,870 pounds, the TA was a wonderfully performing car.

Our 1937 TA is no exception. The car was treated to a full restoration a few years back and is beautifully finished in a purely British two-tone green exterior.  It has a very sharp clean body with excellent deep gleaming paint finish whilst the upholstery is a very smart and fresh Biscuit leather. The door cards are well-presented as are the carpets, and it is fitted with a proper new black canvas top.  The car still retains its original engine and runs and drives wonderfully.  The TA is running on proper Dunlop tires with 19” wire wheels and a rear mounted spare.

This car unquestionably lives up to its MG namesake and is primed to be enjoyed like any MG should be.  It is perfect for someone who wants a fun prewar sports car to drive, tour and show.  This car is not only fun but also highly collectible, a real gem among MG enthusiasts and a car that very rarely comes up for sale.

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