1929 Chrysler 75 Roadster

Although the Chrysler Corporation was still in its relative infancy in 1929, the fledgling company had already managed to produce automobiles that were could compete and win on the world stage of motorsport. Just 5 years in existence, Chrysler’s 75-series cars had finished in a very strong 3rd and 4th position in the 1929 Le Mans 24 Hour race. In that same year, they scored a win in the 5-liter class at the grueling Mille Miglia in Italy. Perhaps the most remarkable point about Chrysler’s success in these punishing endurance races is that, at Le Mans in particular, it was only beaten by much more exotic and expensive machinery. At the 1929 Le Mans, even the mighty Bentley squad struggled to keep their big, burly cars held together long enough to finish, limping their winning car across the line. Stutz had entered their exotic and powerful 8-cylinder supercharged cars to take on Bentley, but Chrysler – in a pair of mid-market roadsters that were essentially unmodified - managed a very steady and reliable race to finish on the podium. The L-head, seven-main-bearing inline-six produced a very healthy 75 horsepower in road going trim and these early Chrysler roadsters quickly gained a reputation for being some of the fastest cars in their class.

Thanks to that reputation for performance and its sporty styling, the Chrysler 75 is a car that is prized by today’s enthusiasts. It is also one of the few American cars of the era that is eligible for both the Mille Miglia and the Le Mans Classic, further enhancing their collector value and opening up amazing opportunities to experience a taste of what Chrysler’s team may have felt from their incredible successes of 1929.

The example offered is a solid, original car that has had continuous ownership for an amazing 66 years. The previous owner, Mr. Richard Roy, first saw this Chrysler in 1949 at a used car dealership in Newton, New Jersey where a local Doctor had traded it in. He immediately fell for the stylish 20-year old Chrysler and struck a deal to buy the car for $25. After getting it home, he set to work getting it up and running, tidying up the interior and engine bay and painting the car metallic green – the very same paint it still wears today. It was used as his main transportation to and from Lehigh University and incredibly, still has the University parking tag on the front. Mr. Roy simply loved his Chrysler 75, which he nicknamed “Blossom” and he vowed never part to with it and it remained in his collection until his passing.

Blossom is presented in the same metallic green it was painted with 66 years ago, and has never been apart or fully restored beyond Mr. Roy’s work in 1949. It is a very solid example, with a good straight body and the majority of its original parts intact. The engine is complete and appears in good order, though Blossom has not been run in several years and would require a thorough recommissioning to get back to running, driving order; an act that would carry on the tradition set by Mr. Roy when he first bought it. Solid and complete, she would make for a very straightforward restoration project or would be a good candidate for touring after a refresh. Eligibility for the Mille Miglia and Le Mans Classic also make it a fine choice to go racing in some of the most prestigious vintage motorsport events in the world.

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