1986 Ferrari 328 GTS Spyder

Ferrari’s iconic 308 GTB was the Maranello firm’s first major commercial success. Following its introduction in 1975, 308 variants went on to sell more than 12,000 units from 1985, with a further 6000 of the reworked 328. The 308GTB was intended to be a replacement for the rather unloved 308GT4, as well as a spiritual successor to the glorious 246GT. The 308 sat below the Boxer and the 400GT as the entry level model. The transverse 3 liter V8 and 5-speed gearbox were essentially carried over from the GT4, but the rest of the car was treated to a full makeover. The beautiful styling was penned by Leonardo Fiovaranti while at Pininfarina, which was in stark contrast to the angular Bertone-styled GT4, and it featured soft curves, a wedge-shaped profile, buttressed roofline and signature sculpted air inlets in the doors.

Ferrari’s 1986 replacement for the 308 was very much evolutionary, and a case of not fixing what wasn’t broken. The Pininfarina styling was tweaked with a new grille, integrated bumpers, and generally smoothed out details, but it was still very much a recognizable shape. The interior was also improved with a revised, double-stitched leather dash, improved switchgear and fine-tuned ergonomics. As the name might imply, the important improvements lay beneath the engine cover. The Tipo F105CB 32-valve V8 had been thoroughly reworked and enlarged to 3.2 liters. It was fitted with Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection as on the 308GTSi QV, but with the addition of a Magneti Marelli electronic ignition control, allowing smoother, cleaner running and better performance through the rev range. The revised V8 produced 270 horsepower and pushed the lightweight 328 to a top speed of 166 mph. As with the 308 before it, the 328 was available as a closed Berlinetta or as an open Spyder with a removable roof panel. Between 1986 and 1989, just over 6000 examples were built and with the recent dramatic increase in collectability of these cars, has quickly become one of the most sought-after models of the 308/328 family.

This very fine 1986 328 GTS comes to us via a regular client who is a Ferrari factory trained mechanic, and is known for the meticulous care and maintenance he gives his vehicles. This is a highly original car that has not been restored, but rather has been treated to thoughtful and skillful detailing and now presents in gorgeous condition. It is finished in classic Rosso Corsa over tan leather with dark tan carpets and a black dash. It shows 42,087 miles which is original, and a full belt service has been performed by the experienced and highly qualified previous owner. The paint is very attractive and appears to be original, with no evidence of damage or hasty repairs. Body lines are of factory-quality, and the removable targa roof is excellent. Tan leather shows in very good original condition, with some light creasing and slight wear visible, but overall in very good order for an original example such as this. Carpets, dash, and switchgear are excellent. It is factory original and unmodified, the only exception being an upgraded Alpine stereo system which adds a welcome touch for the few occasions you want to listen to something other than the exhaust note.

The 3.2 liter V8 presents very nicely in the well-detailed engine compartment, where the meticulous previous owner has made his mark, using proper hoses, fittings, clamps and hardware throughout. There are plenty of 328s on the market that have been neglected, abused or hastily maintained but this example comes straight from an owner who understands the importance of meticulous care, and who appreciates that these cars best reward those who use them regularly. It has been kept exceptionally clean and tidy, yet it has also been used and enjoyed which is immediately apparent when you slip behind the wheel and feel just how well dialed-in it is.

Seemingly overnight, the 328GTS has enjoyed a strong surge in value, and after so many years toward the bottom of the Ferrari marketplace, it has finally earned its position as a true legend. Wonderfully attractive and thoroughly usable, this 328 is ready to reward its next careful owner. Included in the sale of this fine automobile are books, manuals and original tools.

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