1988 Ferrari Testarossa Coupe

The Ferrari Testarossa was one of those cars that journalists of the period loved to call “controversial”. Some were awestruck by its extreme angularity and aggressive proportions. Others saw it as garish and offensive, an affront to the curvaceous 512BBi it had replaced. Whichever side of the camp you were on, the Testarossa was an attention grabbing supercar that put Ferrari back in the headlines in the early 80’s. And in spite of the polarized attitudes of the past, the Testarossa has aged gracefully, something the best Pininfarina designs manage to do so well. In its day, it was impossibly wide and low, but as today’s cars have grown in size, the Testarossa looks positively delicate in comparison to many modern Ferraris, a well-judged design with many subtleties to be found behind the flash.

The 4.9 liter 180 degree flat-twelve engine was derived from the 512, but fitted with new alloy four-valve cylinder heads capped with red-wrinkle finish cam covers – an homage to the Testa Rossa sports racers of the late 1950’s. Side mounted radiators were fed through the signature massive, straked vents in the body sides. The increased cooling capacity, better breathing and a bump in compression translated to 390 horsepower, enough to propel the Testarossa to 180mph. To handle the newfound power and performance, the Testarossa’s chassis was a heavily reworked version of the BB’s; lengthened, widened, and finely tuned by engineers to provide an exceptionally well-controlled ride balanced by stable and predictable high-speed handling. To this day, the Testarossa remains an outstanding driver’s car. Its communicative steering, satisfying mechanical gearbox, and well-judged ride make it a revelation when compared with today’s bone-jarring supercars. It is also comfortable and surprisingly practical and, unlike the Boxer, can carry a decent amount of luggage, delivering you and a passenger to your destination in comfort and style.

This excellent 1988 Testarossa shows just 19,500 miles from new and looks simply fantastic in its original Nero paintwork. The bodywork is very straight with good panel fit and the beautiful black paintwork is deep and glossy, showing no evidence of repairs or damage. The spoiler, rockers, tail panel louvers and bumpers are in excellent order as well. From top to bottom, this appears to be a straight, honest and original car that has been exceptionally well maintained from day one.

Inside the cockpit, gorgeous tan Connolly hides contrast with the black bodywork. The driver’s seat shows very minor wear on the outer bolster, which is a very common occurrence for the Testarossa. The seats do show signs of moderate use, but remain in very good condition and have an inviting, lightly broken-in appearance. The black dash and two-tone black/tan door panels are excellent. There is no shrinking of the leather dash, and the door cards are clean and tidy. Switch gear appears original and it functions as it should, with little to no wear evident on the center console controls. An Alpine CD player is in the dash, which appears to be either original or a very early upgrade. Black carpets with Ferrari logo overmats are in excellent order as well.

The 4.9 liter flat-twelve has less than 1000 miles on a major service, so it is fresh and ready to enjoy. The engine and engine bay are very well detailed, and exceptionally clean and fresh following the major service. Virtually every nut, bolt and wire is in place and clean – evidence of expert and thorough service. Included in the sale are the original owner’s manual, warranty booklet and book pouch, as well as an original tool kit.

Clean, honest, and carrying a fresh service, this attractive Testarossa is a fine example of Ferrari’s iconic 80’s Supercar that is ready for the road.

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