1964 Porsche 356 SC Coupe

After nearly twenty years of continuous development and refinement, Porsche’s final version of the 356 was bound to be a good one. Introduced in the 1964 model year, the 356C was essentially a stopgap model to hold the place until the all-new 911 arrived in 1965. But thankfully, Porsche engineers ensured the final evolution of the car that set the company on the path to success would be a brilliant one. The 356C gained four-wheel disc brakes, a more refined and luxurious cabin, increased power and refined handling, along with some subtle tweaks to the styling. An optional 95 horsepower SC model was made available, making it the most powerful standard production 356 ever offered (only the ultra-exotic and complex 4-cam engine made more power). Sales were very strong for the 356C, with over 16,000 examples built between 1964 and 1965, making the 356C was the best-selling model since the marque’s inception. Of the total C’s produced, is estimated that just 30% were SC-specification –making it very rare and highly desirable among Porsche enthusiasts.

Our featured 1964 356SC is a good, complete car that has been recently removed from long-term storage and is ready for a thorough reconditioning. We have found that it runs well but will require restoration work to return it to drivable condition. Compared to other 356 projects that appear on the market from time to time, this example poses a relatively straightforward undertaking. The body is in good condition and appears to be straight and free of any major collision damage. Some rust is apparent in the floors and door bottoms, typical corrosion areas for a 356, though a new set of floor pans will be included in the sale. All of the exterior trim is still in place and in good, restorable condition. The engine, a correct replacement SC unit, has been rebuilt and all signs point to it being fundamentally healthy. As mentioned, it is a largely original and correct car with many desirable options still in place, such as the radio, clock, 3-spoke steering wheel, fog lamps, chrome wheels and dual mirrors.

The SC is among the most desirable of all the 356 range; thanks to the more powerful engine, disc brakes and refined handling, and it represents the ultimate evolution of the Porsche 356. This example is a prime candidate for a straightforward restoration, by no means a basket case or a total wreck, this is a fundamentally sound car that is ready to be returned to its former glory..

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