1967 Mercedes-Benz 300SE Convertible

Mercedes Benz’s new 300SE first rolled off assembly lines in 1961. An elegantly styled and thoroughly modern automobile, the 300SE marked a dramatic shift in philosophy for the Stuttgart automaker. Prior to the 300SE, the top of the line model was the expensive and complex 300-series of saloons, coupes and convertibles. A largely hand-built and made-to-order car, the 300S and SC were hugely expensive for Mercedes to produce, and their body-on-frame construction lent a bit of an old-fashioned feel. To reduce costs and streamline production, Mercedes-Benz used lessons learned from the 220 series and adapted their new flagship on theat car’s existing platform. The new 300SE shared the 220SE’s 2,750mm wheelbase and used a proven 2,996cc inline six with robust Bosch mechanical fuel injection, a system pioneered in the 300SL sports car.

Although platform sharing meant production costs were slashed, Mercedes Benz did not skimp on the equipment. The 300SE was a flagship for the company, and it featured all of their best technology such as four wheel disc brakes, independent front and swing axle rear suspension with air assistance and coil springs, and a lavish wood and leather equipped cabin. For the 1962 model year, the 300SE sedan was joined by the stylish and elegant coupe and cabriolet models. Although introduced just one year later, the coupe and cabrio’s timeless styling outlived the sedan by several years, and went on to inspire the next generation W108 series of cars.

The car offered here is a very attractive 1967 300SE Cabriolet, handsomely presented in ivory over a fantastic dark brown interior. It was recently treated to extensive restoration work carried out over a span of the last four years, and now shows extremely well as a result. The restoration was performed by two highly regarded experts in W111/W112 circles: Bob Platz Precision Autoworks handling the body, interior and suspension work, while Bruce Adams performed the final detailing and mechanical servicing. The results speak for themselves, as this is a very attractive example with very nice paint, beautiful chrome (much of which is 300SE-specific) and a wonderfully inviting cabin. It sits proudly on the air suspension, with proper ride height and ride quality. Radial tires are mounted on the correct original steel wheels with color-keyed wheel covers. The convertible top is upholstered is upholstered in brown German canvas, and a matching brown top boot covers the works when the top is folded. Optional equipment includes factory air conditioning and a Becker radio. Unrestored original wood graces the dash and windscreen surround, and remains in very good condition in spite of its age.

Along with the great looks, this 300SE is a fully sorted driver, well suited to regular use. The engine compartment is nicely detailed with correct finishes and fittings all around. These are wonderful cars to drive and feel many years younger than the model year might suggest. It is a flagship model offering a high degree of luxury, technical superiority thanks to its air suspension and fuel injection, and impeccable 1960’s style. Included in the sale is a set of original owner’s manuals, a service manual and original spare tire and tools. Honest and attractive, this 300SE is a fine boulevard cruiser and a wonderful companion for weekend adventures.

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