1989 Lamborghini Countach

One would be hard pressed to find a car more iconic than the Lamborghini Countach. Few cars are so ingrained in minds of impressionable youth from the 1980s, and few are likely to match the Countach for its “bedroom wall poster” cred. The Countach has become almost a household name, even for non-car enthusiasts. Its origins trace back to the late 60’s when Lamborghini was best known for its wild Miura. Considered by many to be the first supercar of the modern era, the Miura was undoubtedly fast and gorgeous, but it was also a suffered from dubious handling. With the Miura nearing the end of its run, Lamborghini needed to develop a successor that was worthy of following in the Miura’s rather large, Pirelli-shod footsteps. Chief engineer Paulo Stanzani charged his team with developing a chassis that was more stable and had better road holding. This time, the new car, dubbed LP500 (longitudinale posteriore) had a longitudinally mounted V12 in place of the transverse V12 of the Miura. The signature edgy design was penned by a young Marcello Gandini, employed by Bertone at the time. When it debuted in four liter form, the wild, edgy LP400 elicited the word “Countach!” from an employee, a Piedmontese slang word to express admiration… perhaps best left untranslated.

After nearly 16 years of production, the final version of the Countach was built to honor Lamborghini’s 25 years of car building. While it was mechanically similar to the 5000QV, the 25th Anniversary edition featured revised styling by a young designer named Horatio Pagani – a man who would go on to continue the Lamborghini spirit on cars that bore his own name. Newly designed side strakes, revised intakes, smoothed bumpers and a new engine lid allowed for better cooling and a more integrated look. The suspension was modified to accommodate larger rubber which further enhanced the handling. Performance was storming– with 0-60 in 4.7 seconds and a top speed of 183 miles per hour. Most importantly to today’s collectors however, is the fact that the Anniversary edition is considered to be the most refined of all the Countach variations and the best choice for drivers. Just 658 Countach Anniversario 25’s were built over two model years, marking the end of the Countach legacy.

Our stunning feature car is a 1989 Anniversary Edition Countach, finished in an appropriately menacing shade of black bodywork over black leather. This fine example has covered a mere 3553km since new – a scant 2,200 miles, which is fully documented. Purchased new by noted enthusiast, philanthropist and collector, Richard J. Solove, the car remained in the Solove family from 1989 until only recently when it was acquired by Hyman Ltd. In that time, it has been maintained without regard to cost, and presents in better-than-new condition, and is stunningly detailed. The black paintwork is exquisite, the leather cockpit virtually flawless and the mechanical condition is fully sorted and ready for use if you so desire. The records indicate the car was treated to an extensive major service in 2013, brought on by the fitment of an incorrect clutch kit which caused endplay in the crank. To correct this, the respected experts at F1 Imports and Exotics of Naples, FL pulled the engine and transmission assembly, diagnosed the issue as stemming from the clutch, removed the crankshaft for precision machining, replaced all the bottom end bearings and replaced the clutch with a proper factory unit. The entire engine was resealed and reinstalled and re-tuned. At the same time, the fuel injectors were replaced, brake discs overhauled and the fuel system tuned for optimal running. Invoices for the intensive overhaul exceed $26,000. The history also reports that a collision occurred, causing light damage to the front end of the car which was repaired in 2013. It is noted, however that the car was still drivable at the time of the collision and when viewing it today, one finds the repairs are seamless and done to an exceptionally high standard that is in keeping with the rest of the car. Most recently, it was lavishly detailed to the tune of 200 hours. The sale includes documents, original owners manuals, and an original tool kit.

Few if any 25th Anniversary Countachs can match this example for its superlative history, extremely low miles, and single-family ownership. Beyond just the history and documentation, it is quite simply a stunningly beautiful example of the iconic, jaw dropping and awe-inspiring supercar from Sant ‘Agata, and one that offers a good value as Countach prices increase.  A similar low mileage car was sold by RM Auctions on 5/2/2015 for $451,000, and we feel this car offers an exceptional value, and invite you to call us with any questions.

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