1959 Jaguar XK-150S Roadster/ Convertible

The XK series established Jaguar as a premier manufacturer of sporting cars in the 1950s and early 60s, and cemented their reputation for generations to come. Their gorgeous sports cars with race-bred performance were built on a large enough scale to keep them affordable, but still special enough to make spotting one a memorable experience. Through three generations, the XK120, XK140 and XK150 evolved with each one an improvement in comfort, quality and performance over the last. The XK150 marked the most significant changes of all three XK models. Mechanically similar to the XK140 it replaced, it wore an all new body that still harkened back to the original XK120, but was modernized and reshaped to improve cockpit comfort. The XK150 was fitted with a version of the legendary C-Type’s four-wheel Dunlop disc brake setup. Initially, performance was down on the 140, thanks to the heavier body. But Jaguar soon remedied the situation with the XK150 S, uprated with a trio of 2” S.U. HD8 carburetors fitted to a straight-port cylinder head returning a healthy 250 horsepower, imparting the XK150 with performance that lived up to the impeccable style. In the same vein as its predecessors, the XK150 was offered in three body styles: Closed coupe, Open-Two-Seater (aka, roadster) and Drophead Coupe. The distinctly sporting OTS is the most desirable of the three and also the rarest, with 2,265 examples built, with the coupe outnumbering it nearly two to one.

Our featured car is a very attractive, matching numbers 1958 XK150 OTS roadster in desirable 3.4 liter S specification. Among the 2,265 roadsters built, only 888 left the Coventry works in 3.4l S spec, making this a very rare automobile. Finished in its original color of Carmine red per the included Heritage Certificate, the paint is deep and glossy, with very good bodywork and panel fit and a great match for the sporting character of the OTS body style. It rides on a set of 16” chrome wire wheels with blackwall radials, imparting a low, crouching stance synonymous with Jaguar. Aside from the big chrome bumpers, the XK150 is minimally adorned, but what trim there is has been very nicely restored and properly fitted. The biscuit leather interior is fresh and well presented. Proper materials line the dash and door panels, and the full complement of Smiths instruments are in fine order. The convertible top has been restored in black canvas, along with a matching top boot. It is fitted with an original heater for a bit of additional comfort in cool weather.

In the engine bay lays the correct, triple-carb, matching number 3.4 Liter XK engine, that received a complete rebuild in April 2014. It is backed up with the robust Moss four-speed manual gearbox with the highly desirable addition of electric overdrive. Underhood detailing is very nice, the signature cam covers and intake manifold glisten in polished alloy. During the restoration, this car received a comprehensive mechanical freshening to ensure strong performance and reliability. In its current state, it would make a fabulous event car as it has not been over-restored, but has been mechanically sorted, yet it remains extremely attractive. In traditional Jaguar style, the XK150 S is a true performance car, albeit with a well-judged ride quality and a comfortable cockpit and overdrive that allow for effortless long-distance drives. Powerful disc brakes, 250 horsepower with generous torque, an easy shifting gearbox and precise steering all make for a thrilling experience when the road starts to get twisty. Fully sorted and ready for enjoyment, this XK150 S is as exciting to look as it is to drive. Please note that this car is titled as a 1959.

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