1934 Packard 12 Coupe

Packard’s 11th series debuted in 1934, and in typical Packard fashion was a careful evolution of the outgoing 10th series. New fenders and other details gave it a fuller, more elegant look that today, makes it among the most attractive and highly prized American Full Classics. As was standard practice for Packard from 1932 onward, both eight-cylinder and twelve-cylinder models were offered. The Twelve was of course the top model, reserved for the most discriminating and wealthy clients who felt few effects of the recent Great Depression. While Packard did struggle financially through those dark years, sales of the Junior and Light Eight models allowed them to fare much better than their competition. Companies like Stutz, Pierce Arrow, and Duesenberg failed to survive past 1938 and Packard remained the premier American carmaker for many years to come. Typically Packard, the Twelve was not a technological ground breaker, but it was built to a standard of quality that was unmatched by any other American car company. The glorious V12 engine was known as much for its turbine-smoothness as for its healthy output of 160hp. Performance was strong of course, but the Twelve was best suited for effortlessly traveling in silence and impeccable style. A standout among its peers, few cars could touch the Packard Twelve for its quality, presence and pace.

Hyman Ltd. is proud to offer this 1934 1107 Rumble-Seat Coupe. This is among the rarest of all factory-bodied Packard Twelves, a gorgeous illustration of the full fender look of the 11th series. The fantastic styling is a factory design, though with strong influence by the famed coachbuilder Dietrich. This car was originally delivered in Toronto, Canada in 1934. It is well equipped with dual, enclosed side mount spares, chrome wire wheels, Goddess of Speed mascot (affectionately known as “the doughnut chaser”), dual chrome exterior mirrors, rumble seat, trunk rack, and dual horns. An extensive, concours-level restoration was entrusted to the marque experts at Stone Barn Restorations of New Jersey, by noted Packard collector Dave Kane. The comprehensive restoration left no bolt unturned, and the results are simply breathtaking. Paint, chrome, engine bay and undercarriage are all magnificently prepared. Every detail has been tended to with faultless precision. During the restoration, the car was purchased by the current owner.  All of that effort paid off in 2007 with a 2nd place in the highly competitive Class C-3 at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and the car has remained essentially unused since.

The color combination of deep blue over sumptuous caramel brown leather is ideally suited to the formal lines of the rumble seat coupe. Traditionally, Packards were minimally adorned for a clean and elegant look and this example follows that trend. Chrome wire wheels and wide whitewall tires add just a bit of brightness to the dark and elegant color combination. As the results at Pebble Beach would suggest, fit and finish are virtually flawless. Chrome, paint, panel fit and underhood detailing are beyond reproach.

Most 1934 Packard coupes have been converted into Coupe Roadsters over the years. As a result, there are less than a handful of original coupes still in existence.

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