1939 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe

For 1935, Ford Motor Company president Edsel Ford unveiled his plan for an all-new brand of luxury car that he needed to fill the-ever widening gap between top line Fords and the ultra-exclusive Lincoln K series. The all-new Lincoln-Zephyr was meant to be a lower-priced and less expensive alternative to the full-fledged Lincoln, but one that still carried the cachet of a V12 engine and impeccable style. Thanks to the efforts of the masterful stylist Eugene “Bob” Gregorie, the Zephyr was graced with a gorgeous streamlined body, characterized by its pronounced prow and flowing waterfall-like grilles. It is often considered to be the first commercially successful American streamlined car, compared to the relative failure of the Chrysler Airflow. Particularly in coupe form, the Lincoln Zephyr is seen by many as one of the most beautiful mass-produced American automobiles. But the Zephyr’s beauty was more than skin deep. It was a true luxury car with plenty of equipment and a full twelve cylinder engine under the hood. The John Tjaarda-designed 70 degree V12 was derived from the Ford Flathead V8, and boasted 110hp from 267 cubic inches. Like most V12s of the period it was noted for its smoothness and quiet operation as much for performance. World War II put an end all Ford car production, including the Lincoln-Zephyr, but when car building resumed in 1946 the Zephyr name was dropped thought the platform lived on through 1948 as part of the regular Lincoln lineup.

One look at this 1939 Lincoln-Zephyr Coupe is enough to see why it is considered to be one of the most beautiful and elegant production cars of all time. From the sculpted front end, over the flowing roof line and down the long sweeping tail, this is one seriously gorgeous automobile. This particular car has been treated to an extensive, ground-up restoration, resulting in a stunning example of Bob Gregorie’s finest work. We can’t think of a better color than black for a Zephyr, and the black paint on this example has been beautifully laid down. All of the exterior chrome trim has been fully restored to show quality and precisely fit. Of course the interior has also been fully restored using correct pattern broadcloth upholstery and tan carpets. The elegant art-deco dash panel has been refinished in the correct brown paint, and this example is fitted with a highly desirable and correct original radio. The chassis and the flathead V12 engine are very well-detailed and nicely presented. Along with the accessories such as the radio, wheel skirts and wind wings, this example also comes equipped with the desirable Columbia 2-speed overdrive rear axle. Inside the upholstered trunk, below the signature flip-out spare wheel, rests an original jack and lug wrench in their correct storage bags. Though strictly a two-seater, thanks to the long and sweeping body there is plenty of room for luggage should one go on a weekend tour.

Simply gorgeous from top to bottom, this Lincoln-Zephyr Coupe is a very nicely restored example of one of Ford Motor Company’s most beautiful vehicles. With a fresh, high-quality restoration, this Zephyr is ready for duty on the show field or on the road.

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