1972 Honda Z600 Coupe

Honda didn't build an automobile until 1962. Already well known as a leading manufacturer of high quality touring and sporting motorcycles, Soichiro 'Pop' Honda began building charming little roadsters, the S500 and S600  with double chain drive to the rear wheels. The quick, agile and economical Honda roadsters led Honda to produce starting in 1966 a front wheel drive coupe and 2-door sedan, the 600,  with a 2-cylinder overhead cam air cooled engine. Displacing only 598cc, it delivered 36 horsepower at a breathtaking 6,000 rpm. The Honda achieved notable success despite [or perhaps on account of] its diminutive size. In the time of Oil Embargoes, 42 miles per gallon for a hatchback coupe was not to be overlooked. 9,500 were sold in the U.S. in 1971, more than doubling to 20,500 in 1972 and leading directly to the acceptance and eventual success of the Honda Civic when it was introduced in 1972.

This 1972 Honda Z600 coupe has been fully and meticulously restored in the orange exterior color typical of the early 70's with a black interior. Its powerful 598cc engine performs as 'Pop' Honda envisioned and its rack and pinion steering responds quickly.

It is the essence of 'cute' and more importantly a milestone in the evolution of Honda, a company that less than 20 years later would introduce the superb high performance NSX. The 600 coupe's high quality, compact size and surprising performance -- capable of cruising all day at freeway speeds -- make it one of the most enjoyable and practical 'milestone' setting automobiles, and it will fit in the smallest parking space or garage.

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