1962 Facel-Vega Facel II Coupe

This stunning Facel II is car number HK2 A141, built in 1962. It was originally sold to a Mr. Bazin, via a southern French Facelagency. The original specification was Tudor gray paint over black upholstery, a Chrysler 383 Wedge V8 with Carter AFB carburetor, Torqueflite automatic gearbox and Boranni wire wheels. Standard equipment on the Facel II included four wheel disc brakes by Dunlop, HMV radio with automatic antenna, power windows and a limited slip differential. While there are a few gaps in its earliest history, it is known that A141 traveled to Southern California in 1970, where it was enthusiastically run by Bill McKnight. Mr. McKnight drove the car daily, and at some point repainted orange. It was some time in his tenure it acquired the California blue plate registration number 212 BBX – which is wears to this day.

In the early 1980’s, McKnight returned A141 to its original shade of gray and the original engine was rebuilt and transmission replaced. By this time, showing around 73,000 miles, it was sold to another enthusiastic Californian, Mrs. Jan Fisher. Mrs. Fisher became well known for showing the car both on the show field and proudly showing it off on the streets to anyone who expressed interest. It earned many best in class and best in show awards while in her ownership and she cared for the car passionately. The Facel was truly her most prized possession and she used it regularly and relished in the attention her beautiful French automobile garnered. Mrs. Fisher owned the Facel for the rest of her life, and after her passing, it remained in the possession of Mrs. Fisher’s family, who ensured it was properly cared for.

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