1987 Ferrari Testarossa Coupe

Ferrari stirred up some controversy in 1984 when it unveiled its latest twelve-cylinder flagship and replacement for the pretty but ageing Berlinetta Boxer series. First off, the new car’s no-apologies body by Pininfarina was angular, massively wide and graced with the most outrageous set of air intakes anyone had ever seen. Secondly, Ferrari chose a name that was steeped in motorsport history – for a car they had no intentions of putting on track. But in typical Ferrari style, the controversy was somehow spun to their advantage and the new Testarossa became a huge commercial success, selling in very strong numbers while also gracing the bedroom walls of car-crazy kids around the globe.

The new Testarossa was a dramatic leap forward from the outgoing 512BBi, but while it was not a 100% new car, it was still a very highly evolved version of its predecessor. The Testarossa still carried a 4.9 liter flat-12 mounted amidships in the chassis. But now the engine featured new alloy four-valve cylinder heads with signature red cam covers, increased compression and new fuel management to bump the power up to 390hp. The chassis was lengthened, widened and tuned to produce excellent ride and handling characteristics. The Testarossa was a faster but altogether more civilized machine than the car it replaced. The cabin was cooler thanks to the side mounted radiators (Boxers had coolant pipes that ran through the cabin), and roomier thanks to the wider and longer chassis. Testarossa owners could carry a reasonable amount of luggage in the front trunk and behind the seats and stood a chance at arriving at their far-off destination exhilarated, but not exhausted and sweaty. The Testarossa was designed from day one to provide refined enjoyment on the highway, rather than be a racing car that was dumbed down for the street.

Thanks to this refinement and the surprising longevity of the styling, the Testarossa enjoyed a 12 year production run over three major refinements, with just under 10,000 examples built in total. Another key to the Testarossa’s success was its official status in the US market. While many 512BB’s made it stateside, it was never officially supported by the factory and only offered as a “Gray Market” import. Now, anyone with the means could visit a Ferrari dealership and drive home with a fully backed and road legal Testarossa.

This 1987 Testarossa is in excellent condition showing only 38,157 miles from new. Finished in the ideal color combination of red over tan, this is an excellent Testarossa inside and out. The Rosso Corsa paint is very good, exhibiting few flaws and excellent shut lines. Exterior trim is nearly flawless. A clear Carfax report shows no accident history, a claim backed up by the excellent overall condition of the body. The signature 5-spoke alloy wheels with center lock nuts are unmarked and in fantastic condition. This being a 1987 model, they wear conventional sized rubber – as opposed to the early cars’ troublesome TRX metric tires. The tan leather and classic Testarosa brown dash are very clean and in very good condition, clearly indicating the low mileage and careful use this car has received. On the road, the Testarossa pulls strong and sounds fantastic on the way to a howling 7000RPM. Experts around the world agree that the Testarossa may be the next Ferrari to take a massive leap forward in appreciation, following closely in the footsteps of the Berlinetta Boxer. Now is the time to acquire this icon of 1980’s style and performance; and there are few as solid, clean and honest as this beautiful example.

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