1971 Porsche 911 T Targa

If ever there was a perennial sports car, it would be the Porsche 911. The 911 has been in production for over 50 years and while today’s cars may be just a silhouette of the original, the spirit of the 1964 911 lives on today. Porsche’s philosophy has always been to continuously refine and develop their cars to get the maximum performance out of the platform. The 911 is perhaps the best example of that formula. The 911 started life as a lightweight coupe with a 2.0L, air-cooled flat six hung out back. Today’s 911s have 4.0 liter engines, all-wheel drive, coupe, cabriolet and Targa bodies, turbos, hardcore track versions, and so on. As the 911 grew in popularity, it also gained a bit of a reputation for wayward handling at the limit, particularly in the hands of a less-than-skilled driver. So in 1969, the 911 underwent its first major overhaul. The wheelbase was lengthened by 2.4 inches and larger wheels and tires were fitted for added stability and grip. The longer wheelbase 911 became a sensation and, while still a handful in the wrong hands, it was much more capable overall. The Targa, which previously had a zip-out rear window, now had a fixed glass rear window making the car much more rigid and civilized on the highway. 1970 saw the introduction of the sweet 2.2 liter engine. At this point, the 911 was available in three basic trim levels – T (carbureted) E (einspritzung, or fuel injection) and the S sports model. For 1971 models, all three trim levels had the ventilated disc brakes from the S and internal improvements were made to the 2.2 for better reliability and performance. Today, these are now among the most coveted of all the regular production 911s.

This 1971 911T Targa is a truly spectacular show quality example of Porsche’s iconic sports car. Beautiful metallic silver paint contrasts with an excellent black leather interior and black targa top. Receipts for recent restoration work top $50,000, and include a full engine rebuild by a nationally-known Porsche specialist. The paint is in exceptional condition and all of the rubber seals are supple and properly fitted. Panel fit and bodywork are outstanding, lending the silver paint with clean, laser-straight reflections. Chrome and anodized trim are all in beautiful condition, with excellent deco rubbers all around. Inside the familiar 911 cockpit, gorgeous correct new black seats and carpets are first to grab your attention. The dash, door cards and fittings are also in excellent, show-quality condition. The cabin remains true to original with the exception of a modern audio system upgrade, though for the purist, the original Blaupunkt radio is included in the sale. The freshly rebuilt engine was fully detailed before being installed, and the engine bay now looks showroom fresh. Of course this 911T performs as you would expect. It runs strong and handling is precise and direct. The 2.2 liter engine pulls beautifully; emitting that addicting air-cooled flat-six soundtrack. The 5-speed gearbox is tight and precise, and the car simply performs up to the standard set by its looks. Early long-hood 911s are now highly prized by collectors and this is surely one of the finest of the breed available today.

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