1978 Ferrari 308 GTS Spyder

Enzo Ferrari’s son, Alfredino “Dino” Ferrari had a promising career as an engineer and businessman and was poised to take over his father’s motoring empire, continuing the Ferrari legacy through the next generation. Dino gained experience working alongside some of the greatest engineers in history such as Vittorio Jano. Dino is credited with the concept of the big-bore 4-cylinder 750 Monza and convincing his father of the merits of a compact V6. Sadly, he became ill and passed away at the age of 24. But his legacy lived on in the form of the Dino 246GT, and the unbroken line of mid-engine V8 cars that continue to today.

Dino’s 2.4 liter twin-overhead cam V6 was a jewel of an engine. It was fitted to the first mid-engine regular production Ferrari - though it originally never wore Ferrari badges- and spawned the line of cars that became Ferrari’s lifeblood for the next 45 years. The successor to the Dino, the 308, gained two cylinders and finally earned a Ferrari badge. The 308 GTB/GTS became the company’s most successful model to date, selling more than 12,000 examples over a 10 year production span. As the volume leader for so many years, the 308 was often toward the bottom of the collectability scale and many suffered from poor maintenance. Properly maintained 308s are now highly sought after and the model is enjoying a well-deserved and dramatic rise in collectability.

This 1978 model is from the first full year of the steel-bodied 308 as the earliest cars wore fiberglass bodies. It is finished in black over black leather, a combination that is somewhat uncommon and ideally suited to the Pininfarina-designed body. The overall condition is very pleasing and the car presents well in good condition. The paint and body are straight, clean and tidy, attesting to its 42,355 original miles. The original wheels are excellent and the black leather cockpit is in very nice original condition, a testament to this car receiving proper care. This example has electric windows and optional air conditioning if you decide to leave the removable roof panel in place. A recent full service has been performed ensuring this 308 is ready to be thoroughly enjoyed. This is a very fine, honest and original example of what is now among the most collectible of all the variations of the 308. Sought after for their classic style as well as their road manners, the Ferrari 308 is a true joy to drive. A removable roof panel allows that wind in the hair feeling and direct steering, balanced mid-engine handling and that frenetic V8 sucking air and fuel through a quartet of Weber carbs right over your shoulder make this 308GTS a thrill at any speed.

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