1970 Mercedes-Benz 600 6 Door Pullman

Mercedes-Benz has one of the most diverse and extensive portfolios in history. Mercedes-Benz built heavy trucks, buses, and military vehicles as well as basic sedans, beautiful and exclusive luxury cars and some of the greatest racing cars in history. In the 1930’s, you could have had the ultra-exclusive, 100 mph 540K in any number of coachbuilt configurations. But if you were a person of serious importance, you would have been driven in a 770K – the “Grosser Mercedes”. These massive machines were reserved for heads of state and military leaders and featured some of the most advanced engineering seen on any pre-war automobile.

By the 1960’s Mercedes-Benz’s post-war recovery was complete and they saw sufficient demand for an ultra-luxurious limousine to take on the likes of the Cadillac Series 75 Fleetwood and Rolls Royce Phantom V. The 600-series was born, known internally as the W100. Available in four-door short wheelbase or six-door, long wheelbase Pullman configuration, the 600 was simply one of the finest and most over-engineered cars in history. The six-door Pullman could be had with a standard body or an open, landaulet body. Unlike a body-on-frame Cadillac, the 600 used advanced unitary construction that was so strong, the rear roof could be cut off without effecting rigidity. Options were limited to the imagination and budget of the buyer and cars often included front and rear air conditioning, separate stereos, refrigerator, even television and telephones. A new 6.0 Liter V8 with Bosch fuel injection was developed for the 600. It produced 250 hp and a thumping 370 ft-lbs of torque, enough to allow the 6,100lb Merc to hang with a Porsche 911T in a straight line. Hydraulics were incorporated to silently operate the windows, trunk lid, power seats and sunroof. The 600 quickly became the ultimate symbol of power and prestige and was the favored by government officials, royalty, movie stars, dictators and cult leaders alike. The 600 remained in very limited production from 1964-1981 and a total of 2,677 were built.

One of only 124 ever produced during the entire 18 year production cycle, this 1970 600 LWB Pullman Six-Door is a fabulous original car showing just 69,350 miles. The car was recently repainted in its original color of DB904 Midnight Blue. The chrome and brightwork are original and in good condition, although not resorted.  The interior is original, finished in blue leather to the driver’s compartment, and blue velour to the passenger compartment.  The interior is in overall good condition, though with some tears on the driver’s seat and worn but serviceable carpet. The wood trim is complete and largely very nice, showing minor delamination in the typical wear areas around the windscreen. The passenger compartment features curtains, a bar/cooler, radio and air-con controls, jump seats and an unusual power rear sunroof. The fabulous M100 6.0L V8 runs strong and the critical air suspension and hydraulic systems have been properly maintained, ensuring this is a very pleasing car to drive. Few cars this big are fun to drive, but the 600 is an exception.  This is a car that is fast and powerful, with a driving dynamic that belies its size.  Six door Pullmans rarely come to market, this is an opportunity to acquire a great example that can be driven and used today, and would also be an ideal car to restore to concours condition.

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