1973 Jaguar XKE Convertible

To much anticipation, Jaguar introduced a significantly revised version of its famed XKE in 1971, dubbed the Series III. Under the bonnet was a brand new overhead cam 60-degree V-12 engine based loosely on the XJ13 prototype racing car and displacing 5343 cc. On the dynamometer without accessories, it put out 314 horsepower at 5,500 rpm. The XKE chassis remained unchanged but now wore wider wheels and tires within flared wheel arches. Both coupe and roadster also benefitted from being standardized on the coupe's 105-inch wheelbase. Behind the wheels, Jaguar fitted vented brake discs and standard power steering to deal with the Series III's greater power and mass. Like the Series I and II before it, the V-12 car offered tempting performance value, combining the legendary XKE design with a powerful V-12 engine at a price affordable to a wide market, a combination that was hard to resist. It was half the price of a Ferrari, but gave just as much performance and even more luxury. Enthusiastically received upon its debut, the Series III is happily accepted by collectors today who appreciate its combination of beauty, performance and comfort.

This left-hand drive 1973 Jaguar Series III XKE Roadster was previously owned by a collector whose unbridled passion was all things Jaguar. He was highly active on the concours and tour scene for many years, and this V-12 roadster was his beloved tour car that he enjoyed regularly and at events all across the United States, always keeping it maintained and fully sorted. Finished in British Racing Green, it has a tan interior, tan convertible top, tan vinyl top boot, factory air conditioning, AM/FM stereo, chrome wire wheels, Pirelli blackwall tires and a four-speed manual transmission. It does show the signs of regular use in the paint and interior, but it is a very pretty car overall and, more importantly, it is a straight and honest car that is mechanically proven and very sound. It is therefore the perfect example for someone seeking a V-12 XKE that can simply be started and enjoyed with confidence and price.

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