1987 Ferrari Testarossa Coupe

In the 1980s, one surefire way to demonstrate success was to go out and buy a brand new Ferrari Testarossa. The exotic mid-engined supercar was a significant advance for Ferrari and served as the company’s top of the range model with an MSRP in 1989 of $145,580. This flat-12 supercar continued the marque’s twelve-cylinder tradition in a modern mid-engined configuration that could be traced directly to the 512 and 312 sports prototypes as well as Ferrari’s years of Formula One experience and success. Expensive, fast and distinctively styled by Pininfarina, it was a popular choice among the jet set and is one of the most memorable sports cars of the period. It has since become a collectible classic.

This 1987 Ferrari Testarossa, finished in Rosso Corsa over tan leather, is an exquisite low-mileage car that comes with the original factory luggage still in their factory-supplied protective cloth bags as well as the original owner’s, warranty and radio manuals contained in the original leather case. Delivered new to Continental Motors in Chicago and sold on February 20, 1987, it has been a carefully maintained, lightly used and well preserved car ever since, accumulating less than 25,000 miles in over twenty-five years. Many Testarossas were driven hard and often while in their later years suffering from deferred maintenance. This car has fortunately escaped such a fate, making it a fine car for someone who wants to continue to enjoy the thrilling twelve-cylinder performance that made these cars famous and helped bring Ferrari into the modern era.

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