1969 Volvo 1800S Coupe

Volvo first presented prototypes of its gorgeous P1800 sports car, with body designed by Frua, in the late 1950s. After much trouble finding a company to subcontract tooling and assembly, Volvo finally settled on Jensen Motors to do the assembly and Pressed Steel of Linwood, Scotland to make the body shells. The production version of the P1800 was introduced in 1961. By 1963, though, Volvo had decided to move production of the P1800 back to Sweden after cars assembled under contract by Jensen and Pressed Steel in the UK proved not to live up to Volvo’s characteristically high standards of build quality. The “S” of the resulting 1800S therefore stands for “Sweden”, not “Sport”, and though these were sports cars and very pretty ones at that, their bulletproof engines and solid construction have allowed many examples to soldier on for what seems like eternity. They are surely some of the most soundly built classic sports cars of all time.

As a result of this reputation for durability, however, many examples have not enjoyed careful ownership or generous treatment. This 1969 Volvo 1800S, on the other hand, is fabulous, well-kept and correct. Finished in white, it has a red leather interior, four-speed manual transmission with overdrive, original radio and air conditioning. As a 1969 example, it also features the 118 horsepower, 1986 cc B20B engine. As the 1800E was introduced the following year, 1969 was the only year this engine was fitted in the 1800S. Sold new to Howard Zolin of Elizabeth, NJ on 11/30/68 by European Auto Sales of Parsippany, NJ, it comes with some vintage ads and service receipts, and has been a well-kept car ever since that has received light restoration work whenever required. This includes newer paint and upholstery, but most everything else is lovely and original, including the door panels that are stamped with the proper Volvo crest. A straight, honest, usable and very pretty vintage 1800 Volvo, it is ready for many more miles of enjoyment and the trouble free motoring for which Volvos are justly famed.

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