1972 Detomaso Pantera Coupe

The De Tomaso Pantera's combination of mid-engined design, beautiful Ghia coachwork and the reliable performance of Ford's 351 cubic inch "Cleveland" V-8 was a sensation. The fact that this car, which looked as good and performed as well as any Italian exotic, could be bought and serviced at a nearby Lincoln-Mercury dealer for under $10,000 was astounding. Around 5,600 were built from 1971 to 1974, but over the years, many of those have been heavily modified with flared fenders, wings, spoilers and wide wheels. Their 351 Cleveland engines also lent themselves to significant modification with readily available techniques and performance parts, and today original, unrestored Panteras are very scarce and desirable. It is a history that makes this 1972 De Tomaso Pantera a stunning, rare find.

Finished in yellow, it has a black interior, Campagnolo wheels and correct space-saver spare tire. Unlike so many Panteras that have been cut up, driven hard and put away wet, this example is both highly original and remarkably well kept. The 14,089 miles on the odometer are real, and the car's last owner purchased it with just 12,000 miles. It has also been saved from any modification, and the 351 V-8 features its original valve covers and air cleaner. This Pantera is simply one of the finest original examples that can be found. Bone stock, low mileage and gorgeous, it is the kind of unmolested preservation class automobile that can take years to find.

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