1926 Buick Master Sports Roadster

From its beginnings under Billy Durant in the first years of the twentieth century, Buick was the core brand of General Motors. The earliest motorized buggies from David Buick were powered by horizontal engines with "valve in head" construction, a significant departure from the side valve atmospheric intake valves of most of its contemporaries. Uniquely, Buick stayed with valve in head engines throughout its history, first going to vertical fours, then sixes and ultimately eights, first inline and then the famous "nail head" V-8 of the early 1950s. Famed for their reliability, silence and power Buick frequently approached sales volumes of its low priced contemporaries, offering value, quality and style that appealed to the American middle class. In 1924, the last of the four-cylinder Buicks disappeared and the next year both Standard and Master lines offered six-cylinder power, with the Master Six being Buick's top model. Buick offered wide range of attractive, well-equipped open and closed models, and one of the most appealing was the Sport Roadster. This 1926 Buick Master Six Sport Roadster is a very pretty and well-kept restored example that is both a past AACA winner and a proven tour car. It is finished in tan and cream with black fenders, has a black canvas convertible top, wood artillery wheels, wide whitewall tires, dual rear-mounted spares, wind wings, windshield visor, cowl lights, dual mirrors, front and rear bumperettes, running board step plates and a brown interior. This richly equipped Buick also has a wood steering wheel and dash, golf bag door and rumble seat. Equipped with Buick's solid 274 ci, 75 horsepower straight six coupled to a three-speed manual gearbox, it sits on a relatively long 128'' wheelbase. With its impressive level of amenities, strong restoration and proven show and tour history, this very pretty Buick Master Six Sport Roadster is ideal for comfortable enjoyment and a restoration that will still be shown with pride at the end of a day's tour.

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