1969 Alfa-Romeo Duetto Convertible

Designed to replace the popular 101 Series Giulia Spider, the Duetto Spider debuted at the 36th Geneva Motor Show in 1966 to much acclaim. With handsome Pininfarina bodywork, potent twin-cam engine and five-speed gearbox, it would prove a timeless design classic that remained in production for almost thirty years with remarkably few changes. Many well-proven mechanicals were carried over from the Giulia, and the Duetto continued the Alfa tradition of making lightweight, gorgeous and agile performance cars. Built all the way until the mid-1990s, Alfa Spiders of all eras have endeared themselves to generations of enthusiasts. Even so, the early boat tail cars are regarded as the purest and most attractive examples. This Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider was built in 1969 and therefore fitted with the larger 1,779 cc engine, it has been upgraded to dual Weber carburetors, replacing the original troublesome Spica fuel injection. Given a recent cosmetic restoration, it has received quality paint in the proper shade of red, a new black interior, new black top, new rubber and refinished brightwork.  With the alluring lines of its Pininfarina boat tail bodywork, throaty exhaust from its powerful Alfa twin cam engine, slick 5-speed gearbox and famously responsive handling, this car is ideal for spirited weekend driving and any excuse there might be to take it out for a spin.

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