1959 Alfa-Romeo 2000 Spyder

It was not until 1950 that Alfa Romeo introduced their first truly new postwar design, the 1900. It was the first Alfa built on a production line, and production numbers soared, but while the company had changed their production philosophy, they remained dedicated to performance and impressive engineering. Available as a Berlina, Spider, or Sprint Coupe, the 1900 sold rather well and helped bring Alfa into the new postwar world. In 1958, a new sedan with a larger 1,975 cc engine was introduced and aptly named the 2000. Like the 1900, the 2000 was also available in three body styles, and 3,443 examples wore the handsome Spider body by Touring of Milan. Built from 1958 to 1962, the 2000 Spider was much rarer than the smaller Giulietta Spider, and its substantially higher price reflected the added power and comfort available in the larger car. Its 131 horsepower engine, often called the “cast-iron two-liter”, featured duplex-chain driven twin overhead camshafts, hemispherical combustion chambers, and two Solex carburetors. This powerplant mated to a five-speed gearbox and allowed the 2000 Spider to offer pleasant high-speed touring and a lovely engine note.

This example was delivered new to Hoffman Motor Company of New York in February of 1959, and subsequently enjoyed a long life on the West Coast of the United States before undergoing a thorough rotisserie restoration in Oregon. Recent mechanical sorting, including the installation of a modern spin-on oil filter to vastly improve lubrication, has brought the car to very usable condition and it can be shown or driven proudly. Finished in an appropriate red, this gorgeous Alfa features a black interior with red piping and matching convertible top boot, a black cloth top, a tonneau cover, steel wheels with chrome hub caps, Michelin tires, and an FM stereo. The wonderfully detailed engine bay matches the car’s deeply impressive overall fit an finish to make for an alluring total package. The Touring body is recognizably Alfa Romeo but also sufficiently different in size and detail to set it apart, making it appealing collector car. Comfortable, stable, beautiful and rare, this is a grand touring spider that is ready to be enjoyed, shown and preserved.

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