1949 Triumph 2000 Roadster

Any discussion of the British company Triumph involves charming sports cars or hot motorcycles, but the company’s first real product after the Second World War was the humble 1800 Roadster, built from 1946 to 1948. Some of the more interesting features of this pseudo-sports car included three parallel windshield wipers and the rumble seat accompanied by its very own windshield to protect the rear passengers. In 1948, the 1800 became the 2000 with a bigger motor and 5 more horsepower, but sportier offerings from MG and Jaguar led Triumph in a different direction, resulting in the TR series of cars for which the company is primarily known.

These were always extremely good looking automobiles, and this 1949 right-hand-drive example is a quite nicely restored car, finished in black with a tan top and a tan leather interior. Completing the elegant picture up front are large King of the Road headlamps, Lucas fog lights, dual chrome horns, and a chrome grille as well as a marker lamp and rear view mirror mounted atop each front fender. The interior, including the ample amount of wood, has been well done and this car comes with the original grease gun, air pump and tools. An interesting piece of Triumph history, the 2000 Roadster is also rather rare, and even more so when found in such good condition.

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