1972 Volvo 1800E Coupe

In 1963, Volvo moved production of the P1800 back to Sweden after cars assembled under contract by Jensen and Pressed Steel in the UK proved not to live up to Volvo’s characteristically Scandinavian standards of quality. The 'S' of the resulting P1800S therefore stands for 'Sweden' instead of 'Sport' as one might assume, and though these were sports cars and beautiful ones at that, their bulletproof engines and solid construction have allowed many examples to soldier on for what seems like eternity. They are surely some of the most soundly built classic sports cars of all.

For those who take their driving seriously, though, the later 1800E is the one to have. Introduced for 1970 to breathe some new life into Volvo’s sports car, the 1800E brought numerous improvements in performance. Even though it retained the 1800 name, the car was fitted with the 1,986 cc B20 engine developed for the 140 sedan (and just previously introduced in the 1800S), and the “E” in the name stood for Einspritz, as the B20 was now fitted with Bosch fuel injection to give 135 horsepower at 5,800 rpm, 20 horsepower more than the old 1800S.  In 1972 Volvo’s gorgeous coupes were replaced by the equally pretty 1800ES, essentially the 1800E in hatchback form, and the line ended altogether in 1973 after a total production of just under 50,000 cars.

This is one of the nicest 1800’s available today. Recently restored and refinished in its original dazzling  Alpine Blue Metallic paint, this dead-straight 1972 1800E  is  fresh with pristine chrome, redone black leather front seats, new blue carpets, beautifully restored wheels and shiny new blackwall radial tires. The interior is very sound and clean from floor to roof, and includes a Volvo AM/FM radio. An irrefutably gorgeous car with the classic European lines of much more expensive Italian machinery, this 1800E can also be a surprisingly practical vintage automobile thanks to fuel injection and bulletproof Volvo build quality. It has a huge number of enjoyable miles to give and, like most classic Volvos, won’t miss a beat in the process.

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