1947 Packard Clipper Taxi

This fascinating offering is a seriously rare automobile and the result of a true labor of love. It is a properly and completely restored 1947 Packard Clipper, but as unsual as it is all in the details, the truly interesting part is that it was built at the Packard factory explicitly as a taxi cab. Charming features of this classic taxi include a genuine roof light that reads “Packard” as well as a hinged rear window that opens a few inches at the flip of a switch. This was an option that can only be found on Clipper taxis.

Finished in silver with a red stripe, lettered with the Packard logo, adorned with front bumper guards and driving lights, riding on radial tires on chrome hub caps and trim rings, this machine very much looks the part, and it is the same story on the inside. From the floor to the interior wood, everything has been redone, and the car also features a clock, a radio, and a three-speed manual. Not only has this Packard been given a staggering show quality restoration, it is also a rare, legitimate example as well. It is not a car that someone has stenciled "taxi" on the side to add a little character and value. It is a Packard taxi built by the factory for that very purpose, and this fact combined with its fabulous condition would make it an eccentric but fun and charming addition to any collection.

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