1934 Packard Eight Coupe

The 1934 Packard 1101 Eight is the best running, driving and handling car of all the classic Packards and is extremely well built and reliable on top of its performance. It helps that the appearance is everything that a classic Packard is, could, or should be. Isotta-Fraschinis, Hispano-Suizas, Duesenbergs and multi-cylinder Cadillacs, Lincolns, Marmons and even Packards may be worth more money but none of them is more satisfying to drive than a 1934 Packard Eleventh Series Eight. The Eight's 319 cubic inch inline eight incorporated all the developments that Packard's legendary chief engineer Col. Jesse Vincent could incorporate and made 120hp. The 3-speed synchromesh gearbox shifted smoothly and quietly. Coachwork, built in Packard's own fastidious shops with lines derived from Raymond Dietrich, is the essence of classic era design. This 1934 Packard 1101 Eight Coupe is a rare and desirable survivor. The Coupe and open Coupe Roadster are essentially the same car; over the years innumerable coupes have been decapitated to make open coupe roadsters but this coupe survived and illustrates the model's balance and classic proportions on the 1101 series' 136 1/4 inch wheelbase. Finished in dark blue with gold fenders and beltline accent, it is upholstered in complementary blue leather with white piping and equipped with rumble seat, luggage rack, wide whitewall tires on painted wire wheels, a top-hinged windshield and Packard "donut-chaser" radiator mascot. The restoration was done, as its colors evidence, two or more decades ago but it has been extremely well preserved with sound paint, upholstery, interior soft trim and very good interior wood embellishments that attest to the quality and attention to detail of its restoration. It runs and drives as a '34 Packard should: smoothly, quietly, accurately and with plenty of power, making it a perfect car for tours, or just an enjoyable weekend's jaunt in any season when the tight, comfortable coupe body will keep inclement elements out, or let warm season zephyrs in through the opening windshield. It is a wonderful car, done to high standards and conscientiously maintained in excellent condition that will bring pride of ownership and use to its next owner.

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