1914 Woods Mobilette Touring

The Woods Mobilette grew from 102 to 104 inch wheelbase in this 1915 example, the third of the definitive history of the marque. The longer wheelbase made a little more room in the staggered 2-seat body with the passenger moved farther behind the driver's seat, balanced by six more horsepower from the inline four-cylinder engine now rated at 18 ALAM hp (which doesn't sound like a lot, but is a 50% increase), this 1915 Woods Mobilette is described as a Model 5 Cycle Car with prototype sports speedster coachwork and is believed to be the only one of its type. Its presentation and equipment bear out its unique configuration with brass radiator, mascot, engine crank, lamps, windshield frame, spotlight-mirror, gauges, steering wheel center, brake and shift knobs. It is finished in red with black fenders, maroon upholstery and has a black cloth top. Adorable on its own, it is the crowning example in the history of the Woods Mobilette and should rock down the road with just 20% fewer horsepower than a Model T but barely half the mass.

Imaginatively conceived and thoughtfully executed, the Woods Mobilette is a largely overlooked but important example of the diversity and creativity of early automobile designers and entrepreneurs. This complete collection of 1913-1915 Woods Mobilettes is unparalleled in its appeal.

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