1935 Auburn 851

Gordon Buehrig was hired by Duesenberg in 1929, remaining with the Cord Corporation for several years. He would eventually design the Cord 810, an automobile of epic effect on design and styling, but first he had to effect a quick redo of the 1934 Auburns which had sold in small numbers. Working on a tight schedule with a budget of only $50,000 for design and retooling, Buehrig effected a significant change in the 1935 Auburns, dramatically altering their appearance and giving them a taut, sporting look with a painted radiator shell, subtle hood side vents and sleek, flowing front fenders. The design has stood the test of time and is today regarded as one of the best of the mid-Thirties medium priced marques. Its effect on sales, however, was indistinguishable, dropping from 7,692 in 1934 to 6,553 in 1935. Design, performance and good value for money had little effect in the depths of the Depression. This 1935 Auburn 851 Phaeton is a beautiful example of Auburn's style, value and performance. Finished in deep, rich dark blue with red coachlining, upholstered and trimmed in burgundy leather and topped with a matching dark burgundy cloth top it has red wire wheels with chrome spoke sheaths, black wall tires and dual enclosed side-mounts. The 1935 Auburn 851 phaeton body style included rollup windows for tight, effective weather protection. The color scheme and black wall tires of this 851 Phaeton are especially effective, giving it an aggressive, almost threatening demeanor subtly softened by being dark blue instead of black. It is thoroughly and thoughtfully restored and presented and is as fast as Auburns are intended to be with its 280 cubic inch straight eight producing 115 horsepower. This is a particularly appealing example of possibly the best Auburn design ever, adaptable to a wide variety of uses with its rollup window, folding top, 5-place coachwork. It will never be overlooked on tour or on a weekend drive. It's that imposing.

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