1941 Buick Roadmaster Convertible

With the Great Depression in full force and the threat of war lingering over America, Buick approached the 1941 model year with extreme optimism offering no less than five distinctly different models powered by three different engines and built on five different wheelbase chassis. The result was nothing short of amazing with a record-breaking 377,428 Buicks built and sold during the model year. A TIME Magazine report dated May 21, 1941 rated all American cars for speed, style and performance and it is not surprising that four of the five fastest 1941 automobiles were Buicks. Notably, the Roadmaster placed first among them with a top speed exceeding 100-mph with its standard 320-cubic inch straight-eight engine equipped with dual carburetors which produced 165-hp. The Roadmasters were built on the 126” chassis and were fitted with three-speed, column-shifted transmissions.

The 1941 Buick Roadmasters are considered by today’s collectors as the pinnacle year for style and performance. Only four different body styles were offered on the Series 70 Roadmaster chassis. These included a four door touring sedan, a four door convertible sedan, a two door sport coupe and a two door convertible coupe. The Two door convertible coupe was the second most popular body style on the Roadmaster chassis selling nearly 1,900 examples with a base price of almost $1,800.00. Buick was always improving their exterior designs and 1941 was no exception. The 1941 Roadmasters featured long, low body lines with a swept-down rear deck, an attractive grille and numerous bright trim elements which added to the overall visual presentation.

This desirable 1941 Roadmaster Convertible offered here has been part of the prior owner’s collection since 1975 where it was carefully used on a regular basis and always maintained. It is an exceptionally clean, older restoration. Today, it is ready to use and enjoy and would be a smart choice for touring and driving events while still presenting well inside and out. Close examination of this vehicle reveals that is has always been a good, honest and solid car. The fit and finish of the body panels is nice throughout. The chassis and underbody areas are nice and solid as well. The engine bay and chassis were restored at the time of restoration and while showing use and age, still remain quite presentable. The chrome and stainless trim items are also well presented and match the overall condition of the car. The car is equipped with many standard features and factory options including dual carburetors, fender skirts, front and rear bumper guards, radio, heater and white wall tires.

As the slogan goes, “When better cars are built, Buick will build them.” By 1941 there is no question that Buick had achieved its stature as one of America's finest.

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