1937 Cord 812

Gordon Buehrig's breakthrough 'coffin-nose' design and the front wheel drive 810/812 drivetrain is memorialized in so many places that it doesn't need to be treated here other than to note there is no more important design than the 810/812 Cord from the Thirties. There are two kinds of Cord 810/812 owners, those who cherish them as important objects of mid-century design and engineering and those who take them out on the road, drive them and appreciate their driving characteristics and the effect that seeing them has on onlookers. This 1937 Cord 812 Phaeton was owned for 25 years by one of the latter. It was driven to Auburn, Indiana for years to participate in the ACD Festival, and maintained consistently in excellent running, driving and shifting condition. Finished in characteristic Cigarette Cream with Tan leather and a Tan cloth top, is has outside exhaust head pipes from its naturally aspirated Lycoming V-8 engine, wide whitewall tires, radio, fog lights, a stainless steel exhaust and turn signals for modern driving safety with the switch unobtrusively tucked under the dashboard. It has been upgraded and maintained as needed but remains an ACD Category 1 certified (original engine, chassis and body) car, a CCCA Senior winner and AACA Primary and Senior winner as recently as 2005. The paint, interior and chrome are still exceptionally presentable. Drive it pretty much anywhere, as its last owner did, and enjoy its 5-place accommodations, landmark Thirties' design, the 812's front wheel drive performance, pre-selector shifting and coachwork design that is a benchmark. It will never be overlooked.

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