1929 Packard 645 Roadster

With 385 cubic inches and 105 brake horsepower Packard's Custom Eight was one of the most powerful and exciting of the Jazz Age, a combination of performance, quality and exceptional body design that has made it a car of choice among collectors. Nothing better epitomizes the appeal of the long wheelbase 1929 Packard Custom Eights than the rare and seductive Runabout Roadster on the 145 1/2 inch 645 chassis. Long and sleek, it is sublime transportation for a flapper and her beau. This example is a particularly appealing car. Restored some time ago in cream with butterscotch fenders and accent, tan leather upholstery, tan interior trim and beige cloth top, its colors are dated but only serve to accent the delicious excess of the two-seat with rumble seat coachwork on the long wheelbase Packard 645 chassis which set its owner back an almost unbelievable $1,410 more than the otherwise similar 140 1/2 inch wheelbase 640 Runabout, a difference that by itself would have bought a Chrysler 75 roadster. Restored to high standards some years ago, done throughout and appropriately presented and detailed, it has been maintained in excellent condition. It also is very well equipped, with Trippe driving lights, a donut chaser radiator cap mascot, dual side-mounts, stainless spoke wire wheels, whitewall tires dual spotlights, wind wings, radiator stone guard, luggage rack and a rumble seat. Look past the dated colors and this is one extremely well restored and maintained Packard in a rare and exclusive body style on the long wheelbase 645 chassis.

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