1945 Ford GPW Jeep

The Model T Ford may be the most important vehicle in automobile history, but no vehicle accomplished more, or is more appreciated for its diehard persistence, than the Jeep.

Conceived by American Bantam, rushed into production by the Army Quartermaster Corps in 1940 with Willys Overland and soon built by Ford to keep up with military demand, the Jeep proved itself in every theater of the war from the beaches of the Pacific to the tundra of the Russian steppes.

Soldiers and sailors loved their Jeeps which provided everything from attack vehicles and scout cars to water warmers for shaving. Bantam built only 2,657 of its original design, Willys-Overland 362,841 of its MA and MB Jeeps and Ford 281,448 of the GP and GPW (General Purpose Willys) powered by Willys' nearly indestructible 'Go Devil' four cylinder engine.

This is one of the latter, a 1945 Ford GPW Jeep (officially known by the non-specific military nomenclature 'Truck, 1/4 Ton, 4x4') with the 60hp 'Go Devil' four, three-speed transmission and on demand 4-wheel drive. Its restoration is complete, from top to bottom, inside and out, with careful attention to detail by an experienced military vehicle restorer.

It rides on military ribbed tires, has a tow rope on the front bumper, jerry can and spare on the rear and shovel and axe handy to the driver's seat. The color scheme is olive drab paint, canvas upholstery and top. An Army Ordnance Department vehicle it was delivered in January 1945 and looks, if anything, better today than it did then. It is as good as it gets in Jeeps.


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