1931 Hanomag

This little Hanomag 3/16 coupe is the antithesis of the Hanomag Company’s signature products: locomotives, industrial tractors and trucks. Despite being diminutive, however, it exhibits the parent company's quality and robust construction. It is powered by an L-head inline four-cylinder engine rated 16 horsepower and has a number of interesting features including the disc wheels, windshield post mounted signal semaphores, adjustable windshield visor and Hanomag horse radiator mascot but it is the full length folding canvas roof that stands out, converting the fully closed Hanomag 3/16 quickly into an open car with fixed side window frames. Its condition is remarkable original, but it runs very well and can be used as is for some time before restoration. It will be a distinctive presence if preserved as it is. This is an amazing automobile from a legendary German maker of locomotives and heavy machinery.

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