1934 Lagonda Touring

By the early 30's it became apparent to Lagonda that the public was no longer charmed by the stump-pulling torque of big 4-cylinder engines and instead wanted the smoothness of an inline six. A new engine was needed to supplant the earlier 2-liter four but tooling up to make its own engine, as it had done for years, was not financially feasible. Lagonda turned to Crossley, which had a new pushrod overhead valve six, the Shelsley that met Lagonda's strict requirements. After extensive testing and development work to prove the Crossley's reliability and improve its performance from Crossley's 45hp to 61 horsepower, it was introduced in 1932 as the 16/80, referring to the RAC horsepower rating and the top speed it achieved in the Lagonda chassis. In late 1933 Lagonda adopted the ENV-built Wilson-design 4-speed pre-selector gearbox, producing one of the best 2-liter sports saloons and tourers of the mid-30's. This 1934 Lagonda 16/80 tourer is a wonderful older restored example maintained in excellent condition and ready to be toured. It has the cut down door later T6-style 4-seat tourer coachwork built in Lagonda's own shop finished in British Racing Green with black leather upholstery and interior trim and a black cloth top. The engine notably is equipped with early bronze bodied SU side draft carburetors, it has the ENV/Wilson pre-selector gearbox, grey painted wire wheels, Lucas headlights with dip beam light, bright plated radiator shell, full length fenders, and a rear-mounted spare mounted on the bottom-hinged luggage compartment hatch. The restoration, according to a dash plaque done by Hooe Garage, Ltd., East Sussex, is very well done and has been thoughtfully maintained with a highly detailed engine compartment, good paint, chrome and top and sound leather inside showing some wear and use. It runs and drives well. A rare and attractively restored and maintained example of a highly successful Lagonda model, it is ready to be used and enjoyed proudly.

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